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Terms and Conditions

Conditions and User Restriction

1. You must have a minimum of five mobile connections to qualify for tZZ+. If you fall below that minimum we will, after consultation, transfer your connections to another pricing plan.

2. All connections under your account must be on tZZ+ ie belong to the same user calling group.

3. 30% of your connections must be on a tZZ+ Pricing Plan other than TZZ Base.

4. Your tZZ+ connections may not be used by anyone other than you and your employees, without our written agreement.

5. tZZ+ connections are subject to our standard On Account terms and conditions


6. Every tZZ+ connection has a 24 or 36 month term from activation.


7. Refer here for tZZ+ calling rates

Excluded call types

8. The following call types are excluded from tZZ+ pricing and incur standard charges:

a. Roaming

b. Data sessions

c. Txt messages

d. Voicemail (on tZZ+ Base only – other tZZ+ plans have free voicemail)

e. Calls to 0800, 0508, 0900, and 018

f. callReturn (calls to your tZZ+ calling group

Fair Use

9. Our Fair Use Policy applies. Use of tZZ+ connections for auto dialling, continuously call forwarding, telemarketing, call centre is not permitted, nor is use of Cellular Trunking Units.


10. tZZ+ Pricing Plans include at least 3 complimentary FCN’s (Frequently Called Number)’s, which can be any network mobile or landline not already on your account. You can select the FCN which gives you the most savings. You can change your FCNs once a month, free of charge. Further changes may incur fees. If a mobile FCN ports from our network, we will notify you and it will be removed from your FCN list.


11. groupCall is auto provisioned for tZZ+. groupCall enables you to conference up to 4 other mobile connections. When using groupCall you pay the applicable price per minute for each person you call to add to your conference call.


12. callTransfer may be provisioned on tZZ+. callTransfer enables the transfer of an incoming call by you to another telephone number, meaning the incoming caller can speak to another person without you being part of the call. So, on tZZ+ you can transfer an incoming call using callTransfer to another of your tZZ+ connections or FCN’s at zero cost. If however you use callTransfer to transfer an incoming call to a number which is not one of your tZZ+ connections or FCN’s, you are accountable for the cost of that transferred call until it ends, even though none of your connections may be connected to the call.

Early Termination Charges, Plan Transfer Fees, Early Resign Fees

13. Early Termination Charges, Plan Transfer Fees, and Early Resign Fees may apply to tZZ+connections. Refer here for details

Customer Impacting Events

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