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Terms - Starship Donation Add-On

  1. Donations to the Starship Foundation can be made by way of Add-On to your account ("Starship Add-On").
  2. You can have more than one Starship Add-On, provided that you have no more than one of each increment of the Starship Add-On, up to a maximum of $35. For example, you can have a $3 and $5 Starship Add-On on your account, but could not have two $5 Starship Add-Ons on your account. If you attempt to purchase more than one of each increment of the Starship Add-On the additional Starship Add-On will not be added to your account.
  3. You can add a Starship Add-On to your account online through My Vodafone. The Starship Add-On(s) will be added to your account on your next full month’s account.
  4. The Starship Add-on will recur monthly until it is cancelled by you using My Vodafone.
  5. Any funds received will be applied to the payment of services provided by Vodafone prior to payment of any Starship Add-On donations.
  6. If you fail to pay for your Starship Add-On for more than 2 months running, Vodafone may remove this Add-On from your account. However, Vodafone will not be obligated to remove the Add-On in these circumstances. You will remain liable for the payment of the donation while it remains on your account.
  7. All donations made through Starship Add-Ons are tax exempt.
  8. 100% of the money collected from the Customer will be provided to the Starship Foundation.

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