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Terms - NZBestMate Add-On

  1. To be eligible to purchase a NZBestMate Add-On (NZBestMate) you must be on one of the following plans: Prepay $19 or Prepay $29.
  2. NZBestMate gives you up to 1000 minutes to use calling one nominated NZ mobile number.
  3. You can nominate any NZ mobile phone number to be your NZBestMate.
  4. The NZBestMate Add-on will be valid for 30 days from purchase, and will not carry over.
  5. Providing you have sufficient credit, the NZBestMate Add-on will automatically renew on your renewal date.
  6. If you don't have sufficient credit the Add-on will go on hold until you next top up enough to renew. While on hold you will pay standard rates to call your nominated number.
  7. If you have used up your NZBestmate minutes allocation, any calls will either reduce any plan allocation of minutes, or if you have no remaining plan allocation, standard charges will apply.
  8. You cannot use your NZBestMate minutes allocation if you are roaming. Standard roaming rates will apply.
  9. You are responsible for the accuracy of the NZBestMate number you have nominated. If you wish to change your nominated NZBestMate number a fee may apply. Any changes will be effective from the beginning of the following month.
  10. If you cancel your NZBestMate Add-on, you cannot purchase a new NZBestMate Add-On until your cancelled NZBestMate Add-On has expired.

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