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Terms - Number Flexibility

  1. It is acknowledged that One NZ, at its discretion, reserves the right to decline a Number Flexibility Request.
  2. By making the Number Flexibility Request the Releasing Customer agrees to be bound by these Number Flexibility Conditions.
  3. The person authorising the Number Flexibility Request on behalf of the Releasing Customer must be Duly Authorised to do so.
  4. The Releasing Customer is liable for all charges incurred on the Nominated Number up to the time/date One NZ actions the move.
  5. These charges will show on the next invoice issued to the Releasing Customer and will include any pro-rated charges.
  6. The Releasing Customer acknowledges that the Nominated Number will only be released to the Gaining Customer named in the Number Flexibility Request.
  7. When making the Number Flexibility Request, the Releasing Company may choose to either: (a) replace the Nominated Number with another number on the same plan and connection terms as the existing number, or (b) choose to disconnect the connection to which the Nominated Number related.
  8. Where the Releasing Customer chooses to also disconnect the connection associated with the Nominated Number, the Releasing Customer accepts and understands that they are liable for all applicable Early Termination Charges (ETC’s) that may apply.
  9. The Releasing Customer understands that One NZ may need to change its Billing Account number during the Number Flexibility process and authorises this to occur if required.
  10. The Releasing Customer understands that it will be informed of any new Billing Account number when the Number Flexibility process is complete.
  11. The Releasing Customer and the Gaining Customer understand that the Nominated Number will only be reserved for the Nominated Customer for a period of up to 30 days from the date the Number Flexibility Request authorisation is loaded onto the One NZ system.
  12. One NZ will use its best endeavours to ensure the specific Nominated Number is available to the Nominated Customer during this time, but makes no guarantee that this will be the case.
  13. In order to use the Nominated Number, the Gaining Customer understands that it needs to sign-up to a new Pay Monthly or Prepay connection and accept the applicable One NZ Connection Terms and Conditions within the 30 day time period.
Releasing CustomerThe customer who is releasing the number to be moved under the Number Flexibility process.
Gaining Customer

The person who can now use the number which has been authorised to move under the Number Flexibility process.

Transfer AuthorisationTransfer Authorisation is a request to allow a specific mobile number to be moved to the gaining customer or nominated person or company. This request is valid for 30 days only. This request is acceptance of One NZ standard terms and Conditions. This is not a form.
ETC’s (Early Termination Charges)

The charges that are applied by One NZ when a customer breaks a contract before its term has ended.

Nominated NumberThe number requested to be transferred during the Number Flexibility Process.

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