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Terms - Network Guarantee for 10 or more Connections

Join One NZ on any in market business plan, and if during the first 30 days you’re not happy with our mobile network you can return the device and we will credit your business account.

The Enterprise Network Guarantee is available for new and resigning mobile business customers with 10 connections and above.

To make a claim, you’ll need to contact your One NZ Account Manager within 30 days from the date of purchase and advise us about your network issues.

The business account will receive a credit for the cost of your monthly Base Plan, any charges you paid towards device(s) and any add-ons purchased during sign up. In addition any applicable early termination fees on the specific device will be waived. These costs will be credited to your business account after you’ve finalised the return process with your Account Manager.

If you’re a business customer with a Red Share for Business plan, or a customer contracted to a Red Sure Spend plan, by returning a device and closing a connection you may qualify for a smaller shared data plan or fund. In this scenario, should you choose to downsize your shared data plan or fund your business account will be charged the difference between the higher rebate and lower rebate.

Any additional purchases made after the original date of purchase will not be refunded. This means that if you've been overseas and have any roaming charges, excess usage charges, or calls or TXTs to premium numbers or international calls that aren’t included in your plan will not be credited.

Any devices must still be in a like-new condition (including device, charger, headphones, battery, instructions, and any other components) in the original box.

  • Device must be in fully functional.
  • The screen and casing of the phone must have no damage such as cracks, chips or visible signs of wear and tear.
  • Any security features and other protections that would prevent us from accessing it must be removed - (e.g. "Find My iPhone" in iOS7, or One NZ Secure Device Manager).

Under this guarantee, we will not credit additional accessories purchased.

If you decide you want to keep your device(s), the cost of the device will be added to the account charges.

If you’re adding a new connection to your current One NZ business account, the Network Guarantee only applies to the new connection and not to existing services on the account – unless, they have been purchased within 30 days and are also eligible.

The account credits cannot be refunded, exchanged or redeemable for cash.

The Network Guarantee is available for contracts signed from 18 July 2015 until further notice.

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