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6 months NEON offer with Fixed Broadband

Terms and Conditions (Dec 2015)

Total package price from $115 applies after free period

  1. Offer available for a limited time
  2. The discounted $105 per month charge for 6 months applies from your first full month charge, you may be charged for your first part month on a pro-rated basis
  3. Traffic management policy and Unlimited data terms apply
  4. You must activate your NEON services using the voucher code within 30 days of your Unlimited broadband data and home phone connection to be eligible for the offer
  5. You should activate your NEON services immediately to get the 6 months free upfront (i.e. during the initial period when you are only paying $105 per month)
  6. However, if you do not activate your NEON services on the same day as your broadband connection, you will still receive NEON services for free for a total of 6 months (and for $10 extra a month for the remaining 6 months) but you will start being charged $10 a month extra on the 6 month anniversary of your broadband and home phone connection, which will revert back to no extra charge once you’ve had your broadband and home phone connection for 12 months for the balance of the 12 month period for NEON services
  7. NEON services will automatically end 12 months after the day the NEON services were activated.
  8. If you want to continue NEON after 12 months, you will need to re-activate NEON either directly through the NEON website ( or by signing up to any current Vodafone offer for NEON services
  9. Available to new or out of contract broadband customers only.
  10. A $299 early termination fee applies to Unlimited Broadband data and home phone plus NEON
  11. A $100 change fee applies if you re-sign (including as a result of moving house) or move to another Broadband and home phone or Broadband only plan during the 12 month term
  12. SKY with Vodafone discounts not available with Unlimited Broadband and home phone plus NEON plan.
  13. If our third party supplier stops providing NEON services which means that we can no longer make it available to you, you will be able to terminate your agreement without any early termination fees
  14. Broadband not available everywhere
  15. Residential Broadband, TV and Fixed Line Terms and Conditions apply

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