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Terms - One NZ Message+

1. One NZ Message+ and your acceptance to use One NZ Message+

Message+ is provided to you by Vodafone Sales and Services Ltd, registered in England and Wales at Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN, under registered number 06844137.

By using Message+ you accept these Terms of Service.

2. Using One NZ Message+

One NZ Message+ is an integrated messaging service that allows you to send and receive text messages and share your files (such as pictures, video, audio, vCards/contacts and location). Message+ shows you when you and your contacts are active or they’ve been last active, who is currently typing and when a message has been sent, delivered (for all messages) and read (for chat messages over the internet only).

If you and your contacts have a Rich Communication Services (RCS) compatible client and both have data enabled, the messages and files will be sent and received over the internet (Instant Messaging), otherwise messages and files will be sent via text and picture message.

Group chat only works with RCS enabled contacts who are currently active on Message+ (Online-Group Chat).
You’re responsible for your messages, so make sure that they comply with all laws which may apply. You must ensure your messages are not harmful or offensive.

3. Rights

We give you a non-exclusive right to download, install and use One NZ Message+ in New Zealand on your mobile equipment for your own personal non-commercial use.

We and our licensors own all proprietary rights in One NZ Message+. You do not have any right to One NZ Message+ apart from the right to use One NZ Message+ in line with these terms.

You accept we do not allow you to:

  1. Resell, copy, or distribute One NZ Message+ or use One NZ Message+ in any manner inconsistent with these Terms of Service.
  2. Duplicate, transfer, copy or distribute any part of One NZ Message+ in any medium without our prior written authorisation.
  3. Reverse engineer, alter or modify any part of One NZ Message+.

4. Your information

So that we can operate One NZ Message+, troubleshoot it if you’ve got a problem, and optimise and improve its performance, we use your information in the following ways:

  1. We collect your mobile phone number and, we periodically access the contact list or address book on your phone. We don’t collect or store names, addresses or email addresses from your contact list or address book, but we do need access to the mobile phone numbers there so that we can connect you to the recipients of your messages through One NZ Message+.
  2. We collect some information about your phone and your use of One NZ Message+ (for example, language, equipment and usage statistics).
  3. We’ll share some information with your One NZ carrier and get some information back from them: your mobile number and other information about your tariff and the services available to you.
  4. One NZ Message+ shows you and other users when you are using One NZ Message+ as you will appear ‘online’ or when you have last used the One NZ Message+ as the date and time of your last access will be displayed. You can disable the last seen functionality at all times by going to ‘Settings’, then ‘Chat’ and unchecking ‘Last active’ option.

You must tell us immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your mobile phone. We will not be liable for your losses caused by any unauthorized use of your account.

5. Cost

One NZ Message+ is provided to you free of charge. You will not be charged for installing One NZ Message+. You may be charged for the use of data to download it, the use of One NZ Message+ once downloaded, and for the messages that are sent and received over the internet (Instant Messaging) through your inclusive data allowance, or your home broadband bundle. You may also be charged the cost of the text or the picture message, in accordance with your plan, if the message cannot be delivered by Instant Messaging.

6. Ending or changing One NZ Message+

You can stop using One NZ Message+ at any time.

We may suspend, end or change Message+ immediately for any reason, including where repair or maintenance work is needed. We may add new features from time to time and have no obligation to offer any particular features via One NZ Message+. We can withdraw One NZ Message+, but will provide at least 30 days’ notice if we do so.

7. What we are not responsible for

We provide One NZ Message+ on an 'as is' basis. Not all One NZ Message+ services will work with all mobile equipment – you will need to check that your mobile equipment is compatible with the One NZ Message+ before you register. We’ll not be responsible for any loss or damage that we or you could not reasonably expect at the time you first began to use One NZ Message+ or which is out of our control.

We will also not be responsible for:

  1. Any loss or damage arising as a result of any content which you upload, store or share;
  2. Any content or services provided by another person or organisation;
  3. Any loss or damage that you could have avoided or reduced by being careful or taking reasonable steps; or
  4. Any loss of, or corruption of your content or other data if that loss or corruption is not caused by us or is out of our reasonable control.

8. General terms

We may allow another person to perform any of our obligations under these terms on our behalf. You agree that we may transfer our rights and obligations under these terms to another One NZ company. If we transfer our rights and obligations to any other third party, we’ll let you know. If any of these terms cannot be enforced by any court or other authority we’ll delete it from these terms and it will not affect the rest of the terms. We may send you notice by email, text, post or on our website. These terms and One NZ Message+ will be governed by the laws of New Zealand. Any disputes will be dealt with by the courts of New Zealand and are subject to any applicable laws which provide a different jurisdiction for you as a consumer.

Message+ may also be referred to as 'Message Plus'.

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