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Prepay mobile broadband

Archived terms

Applicable to purchases made prior to 23 October 2013

The following terms apply to Prepay mobile broadband plans purchased prior to the 23rd October 2013. If you have purchased a new Prepay Data plan since this date please refer to Prepay Data Terms and Conditions.

  1. Purchase:
    1. Broadband Lite for $10 a month and get 100MB of data to use each month; or
    2. Broadband Surfer for $30 a month and get 512MB to use each month; or
    3. Broadband Plus for $50 a month and get 2GB to use each month.
  2. The Broadband Add-On is charged at the time of subscription and renews every calendar month either while sufficient Prepay balance is available or until cancelled.
  3. If you have insufficient Prepay balance and your Broadband Add-On fails to renew, the Broadband Add-On will go on hold for up to 14 days from the date the Broadband Add-On was to renew. You cannot use the Broadband Add-On, or alter the Broadband Add-On in any other way, while the Broadband Add-On is on hold. You can cancel the Broadband Add-On while it is on hold.
  4. If you topup while the Broadband Add-On is on hold, it will be automatically reactivated and the price will be deducted from your Prepay balance, provided you topup enough to cover any outstanding IOUs and other on hold Add-Ons you may have. If you do not make a topup within 14 days that is sufficient to reactivate your on hold Broadband Add-On, your Broadband Add-On will be removed from your Prepay account, and you'll need to buy the Broadband Add-On again.
  5. Any data not used within a calendar month of purchasing the Broadband Add-On will be lost when the Broadband Add-On renews.
  6. You cannot purchase two Broadband Add-Ons at the same time.
  7. If you require more data than the amounts provided by your selected Broadband Add-On, you can purchase a Broadband TopUp Bundle (TopUP100MB tor $10 or TopUp512MB for $30) ("Broadband TopUp Bundle").
  8. Broadband TopUp Bundles incur a one-off charge and can be used for one calendar month from subscription. Broadband TopUp Bundles do not recur. Any unused data remaining on your Broadband TopUp Bundle one calendar month of subscription will not carry over to the next calendar month and will be lost.
  9. If you purchase a Broadband TopUp Bundle prior to exhausting your primary Broadband Add-On, the data on your Broadband TopUp Bundle will be used first before you can access any data remaining on your Broadband Add-On.
  10. You cannot purchase an additional Broadband TopUp Bundle while you have credit on your account from an existing Broadband Top-Up Add-On.
  11. Data used within New Zealand in excess of the allowances in your Broadband Add-On or Broadband TopUp Bundle will be charged at the casual daily rate of $1 for up to 10MB per day and then $1 per MB for every MB thereafter. You will only be charged on the days you incur data.
  12. 3G Broadband usage outside of New Zealand is not included within your Broadband Add-On or Broadband TopUp Bundle allowances or the casual daily rate.
  13. National and international coverage and international data roaming and coverage limitations apply. Refer here for a list of the latest roaming countries.
  14. Vodafone Terms and Conditions for Prepay customers apply.
  15. Vodafone does not support Voice over Internet Protocol (voIP), and can provide no assurance that currently available access levels may be maintained.

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