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Terms - Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband

  1. 12/24 month minimum term contract Early Termination Charges and plan transfer fees may apply unless otherwise stated.
  2. New connections are subject to credit checks.
  3. Usage is measured in 10KB blocks, rounded upwards at the end of a data session or every 20 minutes, whichever comes first.
  4. Usage outside of your data bundle allocation is charged at a per MB rate as specified in the relevant mobile broadband pricing plan.
  5. Any unused data within a monthly data bundle will not be carried forward to the following month.
  6. Broadband usage outside of New Zealand is not included within any monthly data bundle.
  7. If you sign up to a Netbook Broadband Everyday, Netbook Broadband Super, Netbook Broadband Pro or a Netbook Broadband Ultra plan ("Netbook Plan"), the cost of your Netbook will be included in your monthly plan charges over your 24 month contract term. At the end of your 24 month term you will be able to transfer to one of our standard mobile broadband plans. Until you transfer to a standard mobile broadband plan, you will continue to be charged at Netbook Broadband plan monthly rates. Early Termination Charges will apply for cancelling your Netbook Broadband Everyday or Netbook Broadband Pro plan before the end of the 24 month term.
  8. National and international coverage and international data roaming and coverage limitations apply.
  9. See the list of the current roaming countries.
  10. One NZ does not support Voice over Internet Protocol (voIP), and can provide no assurance that currently available access levels may be maintained.
  11. One NZ reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time.
  12. Customers that sign up to, or are migrated to an Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband Connect, Super, Ultra, Mini, Regular or Netbook Super or Ultra Plan, will continue to be eligible for the plan for the length of their contract or until they terminate their contract with One NZ. These customers will be able to switch to a different plan at any time, however standard Early Termination Fees or Plan Transfer Fees may apply.

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