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IP Gateway Service Description

Effective 1 April 2013

1. Introduction

1.1 IP Gateway is Vodafone's Internet Protocol based telephony service that provides extension level calling known as Private calls and other calling features for your business.IP Gateway can provide a seamless service over multiple sites within New Zealand.

1.2 IP Gateway offers multiple options so that you can tailor your IP Gateway solution to meet your business needs.

2. Glossary of terms

Private call

1.1 Those telephone calls originated by one of your Users, that is destined for another User within your IP Gateway solution, where that call was made by dialling an extension number associated with that other User.


1.1 A person who is a member of your organisation who has been allocated a telephone extension number on your IP Gateway solution who can then use that phone number to make or receive a phone call, or any other communication enabled by your IP Gateway solution.

IP Gateway solution

1.1 Means an IP Gateway service having a combination of features (as referred to in clauses 3 to 6 below) and phones selected by you specified in clause 7 of this Service description.

3 Group feature bundles (Group)

3.1 Your "Group" defines the basic scope of your IP Gateway solution. All Users within the Group can call each other using the IP Gateway solution by dialling another User's telephone extension number (Private Call).

3.2 Vodafone will supply telephone numbers for use with your IP Gateway solution, for each User in your organisation, as required by you. In addition we may supply additional secondary numbers, which may be linked to a main number.

4 Additional group features

4.1 The following features can be added to a Group at an additional cost per month.

  1. Auto Attendant:A touch tone activated auto attendant feature that allows you to configure a menu system to enable callers to gain access to your company without human assistance. Calls from each of your Auto Attendants are charged at standard rates for that call type.
  2. Music on Hold - standard source:Provides a simple service where music is played to a caller while they are on hold or are in a queuing system awaiting answer. The music is selected by us and no additional Australasian Performing Rights Association performance fees are payable by you for this service.
  3. Voice Messaging Group:Allows a voicemail box to be created for a group of Users rather than an individual User.

5 User feature bundles (User)

5.1 The User feature bundles are those calling features that each User within the Group can access on your IP Gateway solution. A User feature bundle is associated with an individual telephone extension number. There are three feature bundles available:

  1. Everyday:Suitable for any phone that is not associated with a particular person, including faxes, modems, meeting rooms, and phones in public areas.
  2. Advanced:Suitable for Users who do not have a computer available at the phone.
  3. Everyday:Suitable for any User who does have a computer available at the phone.

6 Additional user features

6.1 The following User features can be added to an existing User feature bundle at an additional cost per User per month.Appendix 1Allows a caller to be greeted with a pre-recorded message and allows that caller to record a message that is then made available to the User. Email integration options are available and are described in Appendix 2.

7 Specific terms

7.1 Your IP Gateway solution uses licenses for the supply of this Service. These are licensed to you for the duration of this Agreement, and are not sold therefore ownership is not transferred to you.

7.2 IP Gateway may not be interconnected with a PBX or any kind of third party telephone exchange (including software solutions such as Microsoft OCS or Asterisk).

7.3 We will provide IP Gateway to you on either our own network or the network of our suppliers.

7.4 Vodafone will supply an Integrated Access Device (IAD), Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) or IP switch equipment, for the purpose of delivering the IP Gateway service to your location. This equipment remains the property of Vodafone and may also be used to deliver our Private IP (PIP), High Speed Internet (HSI) and Business Internet Access (BIA) services.

7.5 The IAD is our demarcation point for the IP Gateway solution, and all our equipment is powered by connection to your site/s and your electrical service connection, which is your responsibility. Disruption of power will affect all services supplied by us via the IAD. We are not liable for this. We recommend you use an uninterruptible power supply or other power protection system to avoid disruption of power to the IP Gateway solution. (a) This service is reliant on mains power. In the event of power outage, connection to Emergency Services (111) will NOT BE POSSIBLE. Please ensure you have an alternate means of contacting Emergency Services in case of mains failure.

7.6 Vodafone may at your request supply Analogue telephone equipment for a monthly rental fee per telephone. This equipment remains the property of Vodafone.

7.7 If you elect to use IP phone equipment this will be supplied by Vodafone for a monthly rental fee per telephone. This equipment remains the property of Vodafone.

7.8 7.8 The IAD, ATA and IP switch may not be interfered with or accessed by you, and is exclusively managed by Vodafone. Any interference by you will be considered a material breach of this Agreement.

7.9 We will use all reasonable endeavours to connect our equipment to your existing telephone equipment, using the existing premises wiring. We do not guarantee interoperability as this is subject to the condition of your wiring and equipment. You are responsible for addressing any issues with your wiring.

7.10 In order to confirm economic feasibility for Vodafone to build network to your premises, our supply of services is conditional upon us completing a satisfactory audit of your premises. The audit will be completed within 10 working days of both parties executing the Agreement. If, at our sole discretion, we consider it is uneconomical for us to build network to your premises, we may cancel the Agreement and neither party will have any liability to the other under the terms of the Agreement.

7.11 We may supply you with a licence to use certain application software on your computer system to enable you and your Users to manage the IP Gateway solution (e.g. Feature bundle) for the duration of this service description. Ownership of the licence is retained by us and is not transferred to you. This software requires an internet connection to operate. You are responsible for ensuring that your computer system is capable of using our software and you will make available support personnel to oversee and assist with the installation and activation of this software on your computer system. If requested by you, we will, at your cost, assist with the configuration of the software following installation and activation. We do not warrant that the software is compatible with the applications on your computer system or your IT configurations. Use of the software is at your risk and subject to your acceptance of any associated licence terms for the application software.

7.12 On termination of this service description and/or the Agreement, whichever is earlier, you will remove and delete, at your cost, all copies of this software from your computer system in addition to any other obligations you have under this Agreement.

Appendix 2: Voicemail integration options

1 Vodafone offers three options for Voicemail - email integration.

  1. No integrationIP Gateway offers a high quality, fully integrated voicemail solution. This is offered as an additional User feature.
  2. Partial integrationYour IP Gateway solution can allow a User to have their voicemails recorded by your IP Gateway solution and then sent into their email account. As the message is then beyond the control of your IP Gateway solution, message waiting indicators are not set, and it is not possible to retrieve the messages from the relevant User's phone. All messages appear in the designated email account, with WAV file attachments of the recorded message.
  3. Full integrationIP Gateway supports full integration with most email systems. All voicemails are recorded as WAV files and attached to emails. These are sent to the nominated account, however, due to the higher level of integration, the voicemails can still be retrieved via the relevant User's phone and the message waiting indicator can still be set. With full integration, your IP Gateway solution can be configured to allow only a preset volume of messages before recordings are prevented, to ensure your email box is not inundated with voicemails.

2 Due to limitations within most voicemail systems, when deleting a voicemail via the handset, that Voicemail is not deleted from the relevant email account.

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