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Terms & Conditions for customers who sign up for InHome from 1 April 2013

Here's what you need to know

  • In these terms ‘Vodafone’ means Vodafone New Zealand Limited; ‘services’ and ‘packages’ means only those services and packages forming part of Vodafone’s InHome offering signed up by customers from 1 April 2013 and ‘InHome’ means Vodafone’s InHome services incorporating TV, broadband, phone line, (excluding mobile)only available to residential customers in Vodafone’s cable network in Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch.
  • All services and packages are for residential use only and are only available to connectable households on Vodafone’s cable network in Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch. Vodafone reserves the right not to connect services to your household for any reason including where it is uneconomic to do so. Vodafone may exercise this right at any time even if it has accepted your application for services.
  • Our standard InHome Residential and InHome Internet terms and conditions apply to all InHome services. Mobile plans are subject to Vodafone’s on account mobile and prepay mobile terms and conditions. These are available at https://one.nz/legal/
  • All prices include GST, and are subject to change at any time.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to contact their existing service provider/s to cancel existing services if those services are no longer required.
  • Unused internet hours and traffic allowances cannot be carried forward to subsequent months.
  • Wiring maintenance is an optional service. If you are a new Phone Line customer, Vodafone will provide you with this service unless you inform us otherwise. Please note you need to have had this service for 30 days before your fault will be covered by this service.
  • Yak Paks: Yak Paks are not available to Ztalk customers. Customers cannot have more than one Kiwi, Home to- Mobile or International Yak Pak (per month).
  • All calls are rounded to the nearest minute
  • Unused minutes at the end of each month cannot be carried over or redeemed
  • All calls not covered by Yak Pak are charged according to the customer’s pricing plan
  • The full monthly charge is payable if you cancel your Yak Pak plan part way through a billing period
  • International Yak Pak 100:
    • Calls to included international destinations capped at 3 hours
    • Excludes calls originating from mobiles, payphones, overseas and operator assisted calls
    • Excludes calls to international mobiles
    • Vodafone reserves the right to charge for each minute used in excess of the 3 hour cap
    • Excludes three party, phone divert, operator assisted, card calls and call to special numbers (e.g. 018, 0900). Not available with international component of Talk 24/7 plan
  • Home to mobile Yak Paks:
  • Covers calls made anytime from a NZ landline to a NZ mobile
  • Calls originating from mobiles, payphones, overseas and operator assisted calls are excluded
  • Cover national toll calls anytime
  • Excludes calls to mobiles
  • Customers are not eligible for national ‘capped’ calling offers
  • Calls originating from mobiles, payphones, overseas and operator assisted calls are excluded
  • Kiwi Anytime Yak Paks:
  • Ztalk: Ztalk is only available to residential customers that have their phone line, national, international and home-to-mobile direct dial calling with Vodafone. Calls are charged on a minute plus minute basis. Rates also apply to calls to both landlines and mobile phones, except where the mobile rate is listed separately. Ztalk0505 rates exclude calls to directory assistance (018 and 072), operator assistance (010 and 0170); special numbers (e.g. 0900) and calls with other service providers.
  • Talk 24/7: To be eligible for Talk24/7, you must be a Vodafone residential phone line customer and have all your direct dial calling with us (including national, international and home-to-mobile calling). Calls from your home phone are charged on a minute plus minute basis. Standard rates apply after 2 hours on the capped calling offers. Excludes calls to directory assistance (018 and 0172), operator assisted calls (010 and 0170), special numbers (e.g. 0900), Ztalk 0505 calls and calls made with other service providers’ services. Vodafone Calling Card calls (normal surcharge applies) are included in the capped calling offers, except those made from a mobile phone or pay phone or operator assisted calls.
  • Broadband Internet: Our InHome Internet Services terms and conditions apply. Statements about the speed of services are not guarantees about continuous speed or usage.
  • You may change your broadband once per billing period
  • All usage (both downstream and upstream) will be counted towards your usage allowance limit. All usage sent to and from our servers will also count towards your usage allowance limit, including usage rejected by security software or hardware (such as firewall) on your own equipment.
  • We will charge you on a monthly basis at the stated overage rate on your plan for any usage over your allowance. Additional usage is charged on a block basis and you will be charged for the whole block even if you only use part of a block.
  • We will endeavour to email you at your nominated paradise/clearnet email address when you have used 80% and 100% of your usage allowance. However you should regularly check your emails and usage online at www.telstraclear.co.nz/tools/usagemeter.
  • You will be responsible for protecting your computer against any virus, unauthorised access or spam. We recommend you install appropriate firewalls, spam filters and anti-virus software.
  • We do not recommend using peer to peer services (file sharing) as these services use considerable usage.
  • Connection restrictions may apply to some areas for the WarpSpeed broadband plan.
  • LightSpeed 2G and 10G internet plans and TV services are not available on a standalone basis. You must sign up for Vodafone’s Phone Line service to obtain these services.
  • Dial Up Internet: Additional InHome Dial Up Internet terms and conditions apply.
  • Cable Modem: Broadband internet services require the installation of a cable modem. The cable modem remains the property of Vodafone.
  • TV: TV requires either a standard definition or HD set top box (T-Box®)..The set top box remains the property of Vodafone. InHome TV is only available as part of an InHome package. Channels are subject to change. One month’s notice is required to cancel or download SKY channel options. TV with SKY services are not available on a stand alone basis. You must sign up to Vodafone’s InHome Phone Line and/or Broadband service to obtain these services. HD Ticket is only available to T-Box with Sky customers.
  • Authorisation : You declare that you are at least 18 years of age and have legal power to agree to these Terms. You must ensure that your username and password are kept secure and secret and they are only disclosed to authorised members of your household. You are responsible to us for any action or omission by any person using your account and the Service (including all charges incurred by such persons) and must ensure that they comply with these Terms.
  • Using the Service : Only you or authorised members of your household may use the Services. You must not use the Service in breach of these Terms or in a way that results in you, us, or any other person affected by your actions, breaching any law (including by infringing any person's copyright or other intellectual property in any Movie or the Service). You must not use the Service in a way which we reasonably believe is illegal, likely to be found illegal or likely to cause damage to our reputation or to breach our obligations with our third party suppliers.
  • T-Box®: Vodafone shall not be responsible for the loss of recorded content stored on T-Box® at anytime. T-Box is a registered trade mark of Telstra Corporation Limited. The T-Box® recorder remains the property of Vodafone. T-Box with SKY services are not available in conjunction with Vodafone's T-Box with Freeview|HD service and vice-versa.
  • InHome Movies : You agree to comply with these Terms in addition to any other terms that apply to the InHome Movies service (the “Service” or a “Movie”) (including our Standard Residential Terms and Conditions). We reserve the right to change these Terms including where a change is required to ensure we comply with the law or a contract with another party (in which case we will give you as much notice as we can). We will notify you of a change of these Terms by informing you that we have posted a revised copy of these Terms on our website. We do not have to notify you of any minor change to these terms.

You accept full responsibility for reviewing the classification information displayed for the Movies and will ensure the content is suitable for all viewers (in particular, children under 18 years of age) and take appropriate action where necessary to safeguard any viewers.
You must not display or make the content available to the public or in a public space or re-supply or re-transmit the Movie to another person. You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to view a Movie for your personal, non-commercial viewing during the relevant viewing period. No right, title or interest is deemed transferred to you. You must not circumvent, remove, alter, deactivate or degrade any of the content protections in the licensed service, authorised servers, security solution or set top devices and any material violation of the limited license or anti-circumvention provisions may result in termination of your use of the Service. You must not and have no right to install or implement personal video recorder software or hardware that allows recording, copying or playback of any Movie.

  • Availability : We may determine in our own discretion what Movies are made available via the Service and the relevant viewing period for each Movie. We do not guarantee that the Service or any Movie will always be available or error free and we will not be liable for any unavailability or failure of the Service or a particular Movie.
  • Changes to the Services : We reserve the right to discontinue the Service or make any changes to the Service (including removing or changing any channel at any time where reasonably required for commercial business reasons).
  • Termination : We may cancel or suspend your Services at any time without notice if you breach these Terms, including by infringing the copyright or other intellectual property in any Movie or the Service. If we cancel your Services under this clause, we may charge you any termination fees that apply under any agreement between you and us.

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