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Terms - Home Phone Wireless

  1. These terms apply to the One NZ Home Phone Wireless service. Consumer Terms and Conditions also apply.
  2. In order for the Home Phone Wireless Service to work you need to install the One NZ Home Phone Wireless device (the HPW Phone). This can only be used at the address you provided to us and you may not resell it.
  3. The Home Phone Wireless service is only available in 3G coverage areas with sufficient signal strength and capacity. 3G coverage is not available everywhere. Contact One NZ on 0800 189 189 for details of 3G coverage in your area.
  4. The HPW Phone contains a SIM card. You may not use this SIM card in any other device. It remains our property and you must return it to One NZ on request.
  5. Once installed, you are responsible for the care and maintenance of the HPW Phone
  6. You can only use your HPW Phone at the location you specify when you sign up for Home Phone Wireless service. The reason for this is that One NZ needs to manage the network to ensure that it provides One NZ customers with a reliable and consistent service. If we identify that you have used the device at any address other than the specified location, One NZ may terminate this agreement at its sole discretion.
  7. If you would like to use the Home Phone Wireless device in another location, please call Customer Services on 0800 189 189 who will let you know whether or not that is possible.
  8. If you move house and wish to transfer your Service to your new home, please notify us on the day you move by calling 0800 189 189.
  9. If it is possible to transfer the Service to your new address and if you give us all the relevant details, we will do so.
  10. The Service does not support data connections and will not therefore support functions such as Sky betting, gaming, home alarm monitoring systems, EFTPOS or fax machines.
  11. The HPW Phone normally requires mains power but does have battery backup in the unit. In the event of a power failure, service will continue to be available for up to 2 hours.
  12. See the Home Phone Wireless calling rates.
  13. There is a one minute minimum charge for all Home Phone Wireless calls.

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