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Terms - Broadband Installation

Fibre Installation

  • The standard fibre connection includes delivering the fibre strand from the street to your home (up to 200 metres), installing the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and the wireless router (next to each other), and rewiring your home to be powered by fibre
  • A cancellation fee may apply if you fail to consent to the actual work required for installation or fail to provide access to your premises to install equipment
  • If your fibre connection is not a standard installation, full details of the work required to connect your home will be determined and discussed with you on the installation date. If any additional external or internal wiring, or home networking is required, the costs involved will be discussed with you at the time of installation. You can choose whether to proceed and pay these additional costs. If you do not accept these additional costs you may cancel your order by advising the installation technician at the time of installation.
  • Installation takes approximately 8 hours. A person over 18 years of age with decision making rights must be home the whole time. There may be some disruption to existing phone and broadband services.

Your Local Fibre Company (LFC)

  • The installation will be done by your Local Fibre Company (LFC) who willprovide the fibre line connection from the street to your premises which enables One NZ to offer you fibre services. Lines and equipment must be installed to establish a fibre connection
  • LFC technicians will explain the process to you and won’t start until you are happy with the proposed plan of work
  • In addition to One NZ's Standard Residential Broadband TV and Fixed Line Terms and Connections, you must agree to Your LFC’s End User Terms. Those End User Terms apply between you and your LFC and set out important rights and obligations between you. You must also sign a copy of those End User Terms (if requested) when your LFC comes to install the connection

End User Terms for all LFCs

  • For Whangarei the Local Fibre Company, the terms are here, Northpower Fibre Ltd
  • For Hamilton, Hawera, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Tokoroa and Wanganui the local Fibre company is Tuatahi First Fibre (Formerly Ultrafast Fibre)
  • For Christchurch the local Fibre company is Enable Networks Ltd
  • For all other areas the Local Fibre Company is Chorus. See Chorus End User Terms.
  • If you do not own the premises where services will be installed, you must obtain the property owner’s written consent to all works being undertaken at the property prior to installation and provide that to us if requested
  • If additional authorisations, licences and consents are required, services may not be able to be supplied until all required authorisations, licences and consents are obtained
  • Power is required for your internet and phone services to work on a fibre connection and services that require a fixed phone line to work, such as monitored alarms, faxes, medical alerts, or the interactive features of SKY digital may not work with a fibre connection
  • Copper lines may be removed to lay the fibre, therefore you may not be able to go back to your existing services
  • Restoration of your property will be limited to your LFCs restoration policy

ADSL installation

In most cases it’s very easy to install an ADSL connection. Simply follow the installation instructions we’ve included with your modem on your connection date, and you're done. However, in some instances, you may require a Connection and Wiring option, which will need a visit from a technician if:

  • You have more than 5 phone lines in use
  • You have a monitored home alarm
  • You use the interactive facilities on SKY Digital
  • You use a PABX phone system

Please note: Even if none of these conditions apply to you there is a chance that you may be required to have Connection and Wiring done.

VDSL installation

  • We will send you a new VDSL modem and provide the relevant information you need to self-install the modem and set up your new VDSL connection from One NZ.

Optimising your connection

Deterioration of copper can result in signal loss and impact the reliability of the connection. VDSL uses Dynamic Line Management to tailor the speed of your connection to the quality of your copper line. Over the first week to 10 days we’ll fine-tune the speed and the quality of your connection. During this time avoid turning off or rebooting your modem as it will interrupt the optimisation process and prevent you from getting the best speed possible.

UltraFast HFC installation

  • A time will be arranged with you for when the services will be installed
  • For properties which have never had UltraFast HFC/cable before, then a pre-check of the property prior to installation will be required so as to gain vital site specific information
  • Due to the nature of the work, it’s not possible to quote you an exact time of arrival. Instead, the date and a ‘window’ of time will be worked out with you. For example, your allocated time slot may be between 9.30am - 12.30pm

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