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Terms - DataUp bonus

On 4 September 2023, we made some minor updates to our DataUp Terms.
You can refer to previous DataUp terms here.

  1. To be eligible for your DataUp bonus, you must be on an active MyFlex Prepay Plan and have a My One NZ app login as the bonus is only redeemable through the My One NZ app.
  2. DataUp bonuses are only available on MyFlex Plan renewals and repurchases.
  3. DataUp bonuses are not available on activation of your MyFlex Plan. You will become eligible for your first MyFlex DataUp bonus on the first renewal/repurchase of your Plan.
  4. On your first renewal you will be eligible to redeem a 10% DataUp bonus. This will increase by 10% each consecutive renewal, until you reach a 100% DataUp bonus. For example, on your second renewal, you will be eligible to redeem 20%, on your third renewal, 30% etc. up to 100%.
  5. Each time you consecutively renew your MyFlex Plan every 28 days or less, you will be eligible to redeem your DataUp bonus. Once redeemed, your DataUp bonus is automatically added to your account.
  6. DataUp bonuses are redeemable through My One NZ app only and will be available to redeem within 24 hours of your Plan renewal/repurchase.
  7. Your DataUp bonus is calculated based on your active MyFlex Plan data allowance.
  8. Your DataUp bonus flexes with your Plan. For example, if you are on a 1GB MyFlex Plan, and on your next consecutive renewal you flex to a 2GB MyFlex Plan, your next DataUp bonus will be calculated as a percentage of your 2GB data allowance (the data allowance of your active Plan).
  9. The maximum DataUp bonus available is 100% of your active MyFlex Plan data. You will continue to receive a 100% DataUp bonus each time you consecutively renew/repurchase your Plan.
  10. DataUp bonus data does not carry over.
  11. If you do not renew your MyFlex Plan on time, your Plan will go on hold. You will need to renew your Plan within 48 hours of your Plan going on hold, to keep your DataUp bonus balance.
  12. If you lose your current DataUp bonus because your Plan went on hold for over 48 hours, you will need to reactivate your MyFlex Plan, after which you will start accruing your first 10% DataUp bonus, which will be redeemable on your next consecutive Plan renewal.
  13. Once redeemed in the My One NZ app, your DataUp bonus is valid for the remaining duration of your current MyFlex Plan, or until you repurchase another MyFlex Plan, whichever comes first.
  14. You cannot use your DataUp bonus if you are roaming. Standard roaming rates will apply.
  15. Offer may be withdrawn, amended, or extended at any time.
  16. General Consumer terms , Mobile terms, and MyFlex terms apply.

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