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Archived Terms - Business Service Level Agreement

Effective 1 April 2013

This business service level agreement only applies to services provided under our standard Business Terms and Conditions.

Part A – Service details


The Vodafone Helpdesk is your primary point of contact. Through the Helpdesk, we will:

  • provide you with a 24x7 fault logging facility;
  • investigate and manage faults through to resolution;
  • update you on progress with fault resolution;
  • escalate unresolved faults to the appropriate Vodafone representative; and
  • respond to MAC requests.

Priority Definition Resolution TimeProgress Reports
Critical impactA catastrophic fault, where a minimum of 50% of users at a particular site cannot use a particular Service.4 hours during Service Hours (or 8 hours during Service Hours where the fault is assigned to one of Vodafone's subcontractors for resolution).At 1 hour intervals during Service Hours.
Major impactUp to 50% of users at a particular site cannot use a particular Service.8 hours during Service Hours.At 2 hourly intervals during Service Hours.
Minor impactRepeated quality problems. Intermittent faults or degraded service. No major service impact.5 working days.At 8 hourly intervals during Service Hours.

Fault management

  • We will use all reasonable endeavours to resolve any faults for which we are responsible in accordance with the resolution times specified below. However, we do not guarantee that these resolution times will always be met.
  • Faults will be assigned a priority rating depending on the impact that the fault is having on the Services. We will determine that priority rating in consultation with you.


  • “Resolution Time” means the period elapsed (during Service Hours) from the time you log the fault to the time that the affected Service is restored to normal operation.
  • “Service Hours” means 7.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday (inclusive), but excluding national public holidays.

Helpdesk contact details

The Helpdesk can be contacted at any time 24/7 by calling the tollfree number listed below:

Telephone: 0508 888 800

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • your account name and account number;
  • a full description of the fault, including impact on your business;
  • contact details for the individual to be advised of progress/resolution; and
  • arrangements for accessing the affected site (if required).

Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC’s)

  • “MAC” means the ad hoc rearrangement, deletion or addition of standard service components or features.
  • MAC requests must be made by those persons you have notified us in writing as being authorised to initiate such requests.
  • Within 3 working days of receipt of a written MAC request, we will advise you of the charge and likely completion time for the work (unless the work involves Chorus tails, in which case, the likely completion date will be provided within 7 working days).
  • We will update you of any changes to the likely completion date.
  • Completion times will vary depending on the complexity of the MAC, starting from 3 working days for simple MAC’s, to longer time frames for complex MAC’s.
  • The implementation of additional Services, relocation of existing sites, addition of new sites or activities that require specific design, consulting or project management effort will be deemed to be “Additional Services”.

Customer planned outages

  • Please provide us with reasonable notice of any activity that you are planning that may cause an interruption in the Services.

Part B – Pricing

Helpdesk/Fault management

  • No charge.


  • Charges for MACS are set out in the rate card for the relevant services.

Additional services

  • Charges for additional services will be by quotation.

Customer Impacting Events

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