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Archived Terms - Bonus Data and Minutes Promo

This promotion commences on 19 November, 2012, for bonus minutes and 4 December 2012 for bonus data, until further notice.

Customers must have signed (includes re-signs) up to a eligible 12 or 24 month Consumer or Business Smart or Smart Data plan to receive the promotional bonus minutes and/or data.

Bonus minutes and data are only applicable until the end of the customer's 12 or 24 month contract term. After this time, minutes and data will revert back to standard allowances.

Customers signing up to a plan that has a 1GB data bonus will be unable to purchase an additional data Add-On (specifically the 1GB for $20) other than through the Data Angel® purchase page when their data allowance reaches 100%.

If a customer plan transfers at any time within their contract term, their promotional bonus minutes and data will be lost and will not be available on the plan the customer is transferring to, even if promotional bonus minutes and/or data are available on the new plan.

It may take up to 4 business days from date of sign-up (or re-sign) for promotional bonus minutes to take effect.

Permanent minute and data increases

The minute allowance on Smart Data $120 and $140 has permanently increased from 400 and 500 to 600 and 700 minutes respectively however for re-signing customers these increases will not take effect until the start of their next billing month.

The data allowance on Smart $45 and Business Smart $39.13 has permanently increased from 250MB to 500MB of data however for re-signing customers on Blackberry, Corporate APN and Opera Mini the increase will not take effect until the start of their next billing month.

See our Mobile plans for Business for more current plans. See Data Angel for roaming bundles.

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