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Archived Terms - Netflix offer

This offer is no longer available, having expired on August 8, 2019.

1 year Netflix offer available to new and re-signing customers on Red+ Lite, Unlimited, Red+ Essentials and Red+ mobile plans from the 15th of August 2018 until the 8th of August 2019.

Not available to customers with an active Netflix offer from Vodafone.

1 year Netflix is applied as a $179.88 credit to your Netflix account. This credit is equal to Netflix “2-screen” Standard service (stream Netflix on up to two supported devices simultaneously) at $14.99 per month (total cash value $179.88).

You will continue to be charged for the Netflix service when your credit has been used up unless you cancel Netflix. Cancel Netflix any time by logging into your Netflix account and selecting cancel membership at Netflix.

An early termination fee applies if you cancel your Vodafone plan within 6 months of activating this offer. You will be charged a $60 early termination fee if you transfer from your Eligible Plan within 6 months of signing up or terminate your Eligible Plan within 6 months of signing up. The early termination fee will be added to your Vodafone bill. This will not affect your Netflix credit which will remain on your Netflix account. Additional early termination fees may apply if you transfer or terminate your Vodafone plan. Please refer to your plan terms and conditions.

*Unlimited Plan: Maximum speed reduced after 40GB. SD streaming only. Unlimited talk and TXT is for standard person-to-person calls and TXTs to standard NZ and Australian numbers. No sharing, tethering or hotspots, unless an additional hotspot is purchased. The data included in your plan will therefore only support Netflix on 1 device. Unlimited Mobile terms apply.

Activating Netflix
You will receive a Netflix activation link after your eligible Vodafone mobile plan becomes active.

If you are an existing Netflix customer, you will be required to log into your Netflix account via the link provided. If you are new to Netflix you will be required to register for an account on the link provided.

You must be 18 years of age to become a member of the Netflix service. Individuals under the age of 18 may utilize the service only with the involvement of a parent or legal guardian under such person's account and otherwise subject to the Netflix Terms of Use.

You must activate your Netflix account via the link provided within 2 months of receipt and your Netflix subscription will expire 12 months after activation.

Offer is not redeemable or refundable for cash and cannot be exchanged for Netflix Gift Subscriptions. You may apply the value of the Netflix credit to a different Netflix plan, or other services offered by Netflix available on your Netflix account. Using the credit in this manner may alter the duration of Netflix for 1 year.

Once your credit has been used up, the Netflix subscription charges for the plan you choose will apply. You will be billed for your Netflix subscription charges:

  • by Netflix if you have an active Netflix subscription at the date you redeem this offer or
  • by Vodafone if you created a Netflix account during the sign up process for this offer.

Vodafone will confirm whether you will be billed by Vodafone before your credit expires.

Using Netflix
Using Netflix to stream videos will use data and you will use any data entitlements available under your Pay Monthly mobile plan or your chosen connection method. For example, your home broadband plan if you are using Netflix to stream videos using your home broadband connection.

Internet, data and Netflix compatible device required. Visit Netflix for a list of compatible devices.

The Netflix subscription can be used on multiple compatible devices and you are advised to check that your device is compatible with Netflix before choosing this offer. Please check that your Pay Monthly mobile plan allows for tethering and hotspots if you are intending to use your Pay Monthly plan data to watch Netflix on multiple devices.

Changes to the Netflix service
If Netflix cancels or materially alters the Netflix Service we may no longer be able to provide this Netflix offer to you.

If Netflix alters the pricing of the 2 screen plan from $14.99 per month, this will affect the length of time that your credit lasts for. The credit value is $179.88.

Vodafone Mobile Plan terms, Consumer terms, Mobile terms and Unlimited terms and conditions apply.
Netflix terms of service apply visit Netflix for terms of use.

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