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Archived Terms - Office Net Service Description

Prior to 26 May 2014

1. Introduction
1.1This Service Description describes the service attributes of Vodafone Office Net. This is a generic Service Description that describes many of the options that can be selected for your particular solution. The details of your solution, including the options you have selected are detailed in your Agreement.
1.2Vodafone Office Net is one of Vodafone’s bundled solutions that deliver customers an integrated communications solution for your fixed voice, broadband and calling.

You can choose one Vodafone Office Net core package at each of your sites. Each core package you purchase includes the following:

Vodafone Office Net

* 1 Hosted VoIP service

* 500 shared calling minutes pack per month

* 1 internet service – BizNet Gold or Fibre 30, depending on broadband access service supplied in your Agreement

* Fixed internet data allowance per month, specific to the core internet service – 200GB on BizNet Gold core or 200GB on Fibre 30 core

* 1 Voice mail service

* 1 User feature pack as described in section 2.6

* 1 Polycom 331 handset

* 5 ISP Mail boxes and messaging

* ClearNet ISP

1.4Vodafone Office Net is only available with the fixed voice and broadband services set out in this Service Description or your Agreement. Other voice and broadband access such as ISDN Primary rates (PRA), ISDN Basic rates (BRA), IP Connect, IP Gateway, IP Clarity voice services, Business Internet Access (BIA) and the BizNet Ultimate plan are not available with Vodafone Office Net.
1.5The minimum term for your Vodafone Office Net service is 24 months.
1.6To receive Vodafone Office Net you must keep at least your core fixed voice service, core broadband service and direct dial calling (including local, national, international, fixed to mobile calling) with Vodafone. If you terminate or move any of your Vodafone Office Net core fixed voice or broadband services to another provider your Vodafone Office Net service will terminate and your remaining core services may be disconnected. You may be liable for any early termination charges set out in clause 13.2 of our standard Business Terms and conditions.
1.7Vodafone Office Net cannot be used with any other discounts, rates or calling packages except Fixed and Mobile Group Calling.
1.8We may change any aspect of the Vodafone Office Net service including charges, by giving you 60 days’ notice in writing.

Vodafone Office Net is only available to business customers who do not use the services for a contact centre or for Telesales. We reserve the right to:

(a) refuse to sell Vodafone Office Net to any customer that we believe (in our discretion) is not a business or who will use these services for a contact centre or for telesales; and/or

(b) terminate the Agreement immediately on written notice if you use these services for a contact centre or telesales.

1.10Vodafone’s standard Business Terms and Conditions, Business Internet Terms and Conditions and either the Service Description for BizNet or Ultra Fast Business Broadband terms and conditions (depending on the broadband access service supplied under your Agreement) apply to your Vodafone Office Net service available at www.vodafone.co.nz/terms/
1.11Vodafone Office Net with BizNet broadband access is only available in areas we have our VDSL 2 or our fibre network. Vodafone Office Net with Ultra Fast Business Broadband is not available in all areas.
1.12In order to confirm economic feasibility for Vodafone to build network to your premises our supply of services is conditional upon us completing a satisfactory audit of your premises. We will try to complete this audit within 10 working days of both parties executing the Agreement.
1.13If in our sole discretion we consider it is uneconomical for us to build network to your premises, we may cancel the Agreement and neither party will have any liability to the other under the Agreement.
2. Fixed voice services
2.1The fixed voice service provided with your Vodafone Office Net service is a virtual PABX Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that allows you to use the features and functionality of the Vodafone platform as well as supplying a connection to the Private Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
2.2You are provided with one hosted VoIP service, including one phone line, in as part of your core package. You can add extra hosted VoIP services (up to 24) to your Vodafone Office Net service for an additional cost per month.
2.3Each Vodafone Office Net phone line includes one phone number. This phone number may either be chosen from the Vodafone number range or ported from your previous service provider, subject to the terms for Local and Mobile Number Portability in New Zealand and the Network terms for Local and Mobile Number Portability. Numbers supplied as part of Vodafone Office Net conform to the guidelines for New Zealand phone numbering, as outlined by the Number Allocation Rules and Number Administration Deed.
2.4Each hosted VoIP service includes the use of an IP telephone handset. These handsets remain the property of Vodafone. You will not do anything that affects or is likely to affect our ownership rights in the handsets. You must return all handsets to us when your Vodafone Office Net service terminates, unless we agree otherwise. If you do not return the handsets we may bill you for the standard replacement charge for the unreturned handsets.
2.5Your Vodafone Office Net voice service may not be interconnected with a PABX or any other third party telephone exchange (including software solutions such as Microsoft OCS or Asterisk).

Your Vodafone Office Net voice service is supplied with the following user features. These features are available on your handset using the star codes set out on the Vodafone Office Net User Guide or will have been set up by Vodafone internal provisioning teams.

* Caller Identification Delivery – Your number will be displayed when you make an outbound call.

* Caller Identification Presentation – The number of the person called will be available for display on your handset.

* Caller Identification Restriction – Per call and permanent Caller Identification Restriction allows you to withhold your number when you make an outbound call.

* Call Transfer – Enables the user to transfer a call to a specified destination. Call transfers can be blind, with third-party consultation, or with three-way (Call charges may apply).

* Three Way Calling – Enables a user to make a three-way call with two other parties, whereby all parties can communicate with each other. (Call charges may apply).

* Speed Dial 8 – Users can set up to 8 Speed Dials. This feature allows you to associate single digit codes to frequently dialled hard to remember phone numbers.

* Call Waiting – Allows a user to answer a call while already engaged in another call. The first call is placed in on hold.

* Call Forward – Allows a user to forward their calls to another destination automatically. More than one call forward can be active at the same time. There are three specific types of call forwards. (Call charges may apply).

a. Call Forward Always service allows a user to redirect all incoming calls to another destination automatically. Call Forward Always over rides any diverts that are part of a group setting. i.e. calls to voicemail or part of a hunt group.

b. Call Forward No Answer service allows a user to redirect all incoming calls to another destination when the user does not answer within a specified number of rings.

c. Call Forward Busy service allows a user to redirect incoming calls to another destination when the user is busy.

* Do Not Disturb – Allows a user to set their status to ‘unavailable’ and not be notified of incoming calls.

* Voicemail – Allows callers to be greeted with a pre-recorded message and allows that caller to record a message that is then made available to the user. When a voicemail is recorded this service will also send a WAV file to the email address they defined when the service was provisioned.

* Simultaneous Ring – Allows callers to twin another number with their land line number. Both devices will ring until either the fixed or mobile voice service answers the call. Voicemail, Call Forwards or any service that over rides the termination to voice service will override the simultaneous ring feature. (Call charges may apply).

2.7Call transfer, Three Way Calling, Call Forward, Simultaneous Ring, Auto-Attendant, Software Numbers and Hunt Groups to numbers outside of your fixed line group are chargeable calls which will be deducted from your shared minute packs or charged accordingly.
Group features

The following group features can be added to your Vodafone Office Net service at an additional cost per month:

* Auto Attendant – This feature is an automated receptionist that answers the phone and provides a personalized message to callers with options to connect to the operator and connecting to up to nine configurable destinations (for example, 1 = marketing, 2 = sales,). Call charges may apply. You may provide your own recording or Vodafone can arrange a recording for you through our recording partner. All recordings must adhere to APRA and PPNZ licence requirements.

* Software Numbers – Used to terminate calls from a virtual land line number from the area of your choice to any number you choose. Call charges may apply.

* Simultaneous Hunt Group – This allows the processing of calls to a single phone number which then distributes the call to all the idle users within the group. The call is connected to the first user to answer the call. If the phone number is a physical line at your site a new number will be supplied for the Simultaneous hunt group pilot and the physical line will get a new number. (Call charges may apply).


The following group feature can be added to your Vodafone Office Net service at no additional charge:

* Circular Hunt Group – The incoming calls to the group start hunting with the pilot number hunt to the next idle user within the group. When the end of the list is reached the hunting circles back to the first user or to a defined end point (e.g. Voice mail or external phone number). (Call charges may apply).

3. Fixed broadband service
3.1The Vodafone Office Net core package is provisioned with either a BizNet Gold broadband service (To the extent of any inconsistency with the terms of the BizNet Service Description, the terms set out in this Service Description prevail) or a Fibre 30 Ultra Fast Business Broadband service.
3.2Subject to availability, you have the option to upgrade your broadband plan within the core package for an additional cost per month.
3.3Your Vodafone Office Net core package includes either 200GB of data per month on a BizNet Gold core or 200GB per month on a Fibre 30 core. You must select one of the available additional data usage packs.
3.4When you use your initial core internet data, you will automatically receive your selected usage pack (and additional usage packs if you use the additional pack before the end of the billing period). Usage not used in one billing period does not carry over to the next billing period.
3.5The internet data in your core package and subsequent data packs are connection specific and cannot be shared between connections or across sites.
3.6Broadband usage packs are charged in arrears. The price of metered usage is based upon the number of usage packs you incur. A usage pack has a fixed price and a fixed size. Pack usage is measured daily and rounded to the nearest Kilobyte, before creating a monthly total.
3.7We send email notification to the email address you specify, about how much traffic we have metered at 80% and 100% threshold of the bundled core usage pack and you selected usage packs. Delivery of these notifications is not guaranteed, and does not remove your responsibility to manage the costs you are incurring.
4. Shared minute packs
4.1Shared minute packs include calls from your fixed voice services provided with Vodafone Office Net billed to a customer’s Master Account
4.2Shared minute packs include calls to fixed local, fixed national, fixed international, fixed land to mobile.
4.2Calls excluded from the shared minute packs are those that terminate to 0900, 018, Inmarsat, Internal and group zero rated calls, Mobile video calls, Vodafone voicemail and message exchange call, diverted calls, 3 way calls, collect, transferred calls, Audio conferencing, TollFree, Emergency (111), calling card calls.
4.4In addition to the 500 core minute pack, you may select one of the add on Shared Minute packs (250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000) for an additional cost. You may choose to add one extra shared minute pack per site.
4.5Multiple sites that sit under one Master Account that have minute packs and core minute packs will have all the minutes and calling billed to the Master Account.
4.6All calls that are zero rated as part of the minute packs will be displayed on your statement.
4.7Shared minute packs can be changed on your monthly billing anniversary date.
4.8Minutes unused at the end of your billing cycle do not roll over into the next billing cycle.
5. Calling rates
5.1Once the core 500 shared minute pack and any add on minute packs are used the calling rates will revert to the Vodafone Office Net per minute rates set out in your Agreement.
5.2All calls are charged on a minute plus second basis (calculated to the nearest second). There is a one minute minimum charge for each call. The charge for each call is rounded to the nearest cent.
6. Fixed line group calling
6.1Fixed line group calling is defined as either or both of intra or inter office. The intra office fixed line group calling contains all of the customer’s phone numbers/fixed lines within a site. Inter office fixed line group calling are all the customer’s phone numbers/fixed lines within your billing hierarchy which can contain multiple sites.
6.2All accounts in the same billing hierarchy that are on a Vodafone Office Net or Vodafone Office Net Connect solution will receive zero rated fixed line group calling between fixed to fixed voice services on those plans.
6.3Zero rated fixed line group calling will not be deducted from your shared minute packs.
7. Early termination
7.1The early termination charges set out in Term 13.2 of the Vodafone standard Business Terms and Conditions apply, available at www.vodafone.co.nz/terms
8. Adding new services
8.1During the term of your contract you may choose to add extra services or features into your existing contract or resign the new and existing services into a new 24 month contract. Please contact us for further information.
8.2New site(s) will require a new contract specific to that site.
9. Additional terms
9.1Vodafone Office Net uses licenses for the supply of the fixed voice services. These are licensed to you for the duration of your Agreement, and are not sold therefore ownership is not transferred to you.
9.2Vodafone will supply an Integrated Access Device (IAD) or IP switch equipment, for the purpose of delivering the Vodafone Office Net service to your location. This equipment remains the property of Vodafone.
9.3You are responsible for providing a suitable location for us to install the IAD or IP Switch Equipment. The IAD and IP Switch may not be interfered with or accessed by you and is exclusively managed by us. Any unauthorised interference by you will be considered a material breach of the Agreement.
9.4The IAD is the demarcation point for Vodafone and is powered from your premise.
9.5Disruption of power will affect all services supplied via the IAD and IP switching equipment. Vodafone is not liable for any service failure you suffer as a result the services being unavailable or interrupted due to a disruption to your power.
9.6Your Vodafone Office Net service is reliant on mains power. In the event of power outage, connection to Emergency Services (111) will NOT BE POSSIBLE. Please ensure you have an alternate means of contacting Emergency Services in case of mains failure
9.7Vodafone Office Net may not be used for Alarm Line Monitoring or as an emergency telephone service for locations such as Elevators.
9.8Vodafone Office Net voice services share the broadband connection. Calls across your fixed voice service may decrease the speed of your broadband connection for the duration of the call.
9.9The internal security of your IT network is your own responsibility. You will maintain strong password strength for all aspects of your LAN network and voicemail password to protect your business from malicious attack.
9.10Vodafone Office Net requires you to have your building pre-cabled with Cat5e (or higher) cabling. If you do not have this standard of wiring we will not be able to provide the service. A Vodafone service provider can provide you with a quote to cable your building. This will be invoiced by Vodafone. Maintenance of that wiring is your responsibility.
10. Mailbox and messaging
10.1You can connect to the Clearnet ISP and send and receive emails. POP and SMTP access to your email on this mailbox is allowed. You can auto-forward emails intended for this mailbox to another mailbox.
10.2You can enhance the webmail feature if you wish. The mailbox is provided with 100MB of disk storage, and emails to you will be returned to the sender if you exceed this limit. The mailbox can be increased in size at additional cost. You can also add additional features to the mailbox by adding Mail+ or IMAP to the dial-up plan via self-service, at additional cost. If you need to access your mailbox overseas you will need to add the Mail+ product.
10.3If you prefer to use a branded domain name for your mail you must create separate mailboxes, as this mailbox is not compatible with branded names.

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