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Archived Terms - TollFree (Service Description)

Effective 1 April 2013

1. Introduction

TollFree is one of One NZ's toll free services.

2. Glossary of terms

“TollFree number” means both 0508 and 0800.

3. Specific terms

3.1 In addition to your TollFree rates, a 21.33c per minute (plus GST) surcharge will apply in respect of all TollFree calls originating from payphones operated by Telecom New Zealand Limited.

3.2 There is a minimum usage charge of $35.00 (plus GST) per month for National TollFree numbers.

3.3 There is a $35 (plus GST) per month charge for International TollFree numbers.

3.4 Calls are charged on a minute plus second basis (calculated to the next second). There is a one minute minimum charge for each call. The charge for each call is rounded to the nearest cent.

3.5 Upon termination of your One NZ TollFree Services, we are required by the terms and conditions of the Toll Free Number Administration Scheme (TNAS) to return the TollFree number to the TNAS pool. The TollFree number may then be reallocated, if free, to any service provider (including One NZ) on a first come first serve basis provided there is an end customer billing relationship in existence or that will come into existence within 5 working days of applying for the number.

3.6 We may de-allocate any TollFree number and return it to the TNAS pool of numbers if no calls are recorded against it for three consecutive billing periods.

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