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BizComplete Service Description

Effective 1 April 2013

1. Introduction

1.1 BizComplete is a bundle offer that includes a core pack of one fixed voice service, one fixed broadband service, 10 GB of fixed internet data per connection, per month and a 500 minute pack per month shared between all connections under the Master Account.

1.2 We may change any aspect of the BizComplete services including the charges, by giving you 60 days' notice in writing.

1.3 BizComplete is only available for use with Analogue line, ISDN Basic Rate (BRA), Analogue Gateway Line and Analogue FeatureLink Line and Broadband. BizComplete is not available on ISDN Primary Rates (PRA), IP Connect, IP Gateway and IP Clarity voice lines or access types for Broadband including BIA internet plans.

1.4 To receive BizComplete, you must keep all your phone service lines, internet services and direct dial calling (including local, national, international, fixed to mobile calling) with Vodafone. All those phone services must be on the same BizComplete plan. BizComplete cannot be used with any other discounts, rates or calling packages.

1.5 ISDN Basic Rates (BRA) lines are subject to availability. Not withstanding anything else in this Agreement, Vodafone makes no commitment regarding the availability of any ISDN BRA lines until those lines are connected so that you are able to receive services over them. If you purchase ISDN Basic Rate lines and you are also purchasing DDI blocks on your ISDN lines(s) then you will be charged for those DDI blocks at the standard BizComplete rates depending on the network.

1.6 The BizComplete pricing plan is only available to small and medium enterprise business customers and customers who do not use the services for a contact centre or for telesales. We reserve the right to (a) refuse to sell BizComplete to any person or business that we believe (in our discretion) is not a small or medium enterprise business or who will use these services for a contact centre or for telesales; and/or (b) terminate the Agreement immediately on written notice if you use these services for a contact centre or telesales.

1.7 Vodafone's Business Terms and Conditions, Vodafone's Internet Terms and Conditions and Vodafone’s BizComplete Specific Terms and Conditions apply to BizComplete services.

1.8 This Agreement is conditional upon us completing a satisfactory audit of your premises to confirm it is economical for us to build network to your premises. We will try to complete this within 10 working days of execution of this Agreement. If in our sole discretion we consider it is uneconomical for us to build network to your premises, we may cancel this agreement and neither party will have any liability to the other under this agreement.

1.9 Each BizComplete core service you purchase includes the following:

  • One fixed voice line;
  • Broadband internet access;
  • 5 Mail boxes and messaging;
  • Clearnet ISP;
  • 500 shared calling minutes for both mobile and fixed voiceservices;
  • 10 GB internet data - specific to the core internet service.

1.10 BizComplete add ons can consist of some/all of the following services:

  • Extra fixed voice services and features;
  • Fixed Broadband data packs;
  • Shared minute packs;

2. Fixed voice service

2.1 For the purpose of this service description, fixed voice service means the following Vodafone products which are determined by network availability and customer requirements:

Product availability
Analogue POTS line ISDN Basic Rate Gateway Analogue Analogue FeatureLink
Available over most of New Zealand Limited availability - mainly CBD and metropolitan areas of New Zealand Available via the Vodafone xClear copper network in most CBD areas of New Zealand Available over the Vodafone HFC network in areas of Christchurch, Kapiti Coast, Petone, Lower and Upper Hutt.

2.2 The local calling area phone numbers for fixed voice services are set by the Number administration deed and the number allocation rules www.nad.org.nz

2.3 ISDN services rely on mains power. In the event of a power outage, connection to Emergency Services (111) will NOT BE POSSIBLE. Please ensure you have an alternative means of contacting Emergency Services in case of mains failure.

2.4 The different line types have different features available by default these are defined as:

Product features and functionality included
Feature Analogue POTS line ISDN Basic Rate (BRA) Analogue FeatureLink Analogue Gateway
Phone Number Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dial Tone Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call Stepping Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call Forwards No No Yes Yes
Remote Call Forward No No Yes Yes
Call Transfer No No Yes Yes
Three Way Calling No No Yes Yes
Last Number Redial No No Yes Yes
Call Hold No No Yes Yes
Call Waiting No No Yes Yes
Speed Dials No No No Yes

3. Fixed broadband service

3.1 The BizComplete broadband service is a product that provides access to the internet through a broadband access network. The access is shared with other broadband users for bandwidth, which means the performance may vary at different times of the day.

3.2 BizComplete broadband is only available to business customers who have their phone line and calling with Vodafone, and is subject to availability.

3.3 BizComplete broadband uses the Biz Broadband Swift product and is described in the Service Description for this product. To the extent of any inconsistency, the terms set out in this service description prevail.

3.4 The bundled 10GB of internet data and subsequent data packs are connection specific and cannot be shared between connections or across sites.

3.5 You must select one of the following five usage packs - 1GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB and 40GB. When you use your initial 10GB worth of internet data, you will automatically receive your selected usage pack (and additional usage packs if you use the additional pack before the end of the billing period). Usage not used in one billing period does not carry over to the next billing period.

3.6 BizComplete usage packs are charged in arrears. The price of metered usage is based upon the number of usage packs you incur. A usage pack has a fixed p rice and a fixed size. Pack usage is measured daily and rounded to the nearest Kilobyte, before creating a monthly total.

3.7 We send email notification to the email address you specify, about how much traffic we have metered at 80% and 100% threshold of the bundled 10GB usage pack and your selected usage packs. Delivery of these notifications is not guaranteed, and does not remove your responsibility to manage the costs you are incurring.

4. Shared minute packs

4.1 Shared minute packs include calls made from the fixed voice services billed to a customers' Master Account.

4.2 Shared minute packs include calls to fixed local, fixed national, fixed international and fixed land to mobile.

4.3 All other calls not described in 4.2 will be charged on a per minute basis. Calls excluded from the shared minute packs are those that terminate to 0900, 018, Inmarsat, internal and group zero rated calls, switched digital, voicemail and message exchange, diverted calls, 3 way calls, collect, transferred calls, audio conferencing, Tollfree, Emergency (111), Calling Card calls.

4.4 In addition to the 500 core minute pack, you may select one of the add on Shared Minute Packs (250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 minute packs) for an additional cost.

4.5 Multiple sites that sit under a Master Account that have minute packs and core minute packs will have all the minutes and calling billed to the Master Account.

4.6 Once the core 500 shared minute pack and any add on minute packs are used the calling rates will revert to the BizComplete per minute rates.

4.7 All calls that are zero rated as part of the minute pack will be displayed on your statement.

4.8 Shared Minute packs can be changed on your billing anniversary date.

4.9 Minutes unused at the end of your billing cycle do not roll over into the next billing cycle.

5. Calling rates

5.1 All calls are charged on a minute plus second basis (calculated to the next second). There is a one minute minimum charge for each call. The charge for each call is rounded to the nearest cent.

5.2 For BizComplete ISDN Basic rate (BRA) services the calling rates are only applicable to voice traffic. Switched Digital calling will be charged at the stated rates and are not counted within the Minute packs.

5.3 Once a shared minute pack (if any) is used up, calling rates will revert to the published per minute rates for the individual call types.

5.4 Diverted calls from fixed voice are not included in the shared minute packs or in the group calling.

6. Adding new services

6.1 During the term of your contract you may choose to add extra services or features into your existing contract or resign the new and existing services into a new 24 month term contract. Please contact us for further information.

6.2 New site(s) will require a new contract specific to that site.

7. Early termination

7.1 If you give up any service or terminate this agreement or we terminate this Agreement or any service prior to the expiry of the Initial Term, then we may require you to pay the early termination charges set out in clause 13.2 of our Business Terms and Conditions.

BIZComplete Service Description (Pre April 2013) PDF

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