Credit Card | Add a card in the My One NZ app

This article explains how you can register a new credit/Debit card to your My One NZ profile via the app.

Before you begin

This process is not compatible with One NZ C accounts.

Convivence charge

A convenience charge applies to all one-off credit card payments (even if your card is registered. It doesn't apply to direct debit's from credit cards):
  • 1% charge for Visa and Mastercard
  • 2% charge for American Express

About card storage and limits

My One NZ app can store up to 10 cards per Primary connection.
  • A credit card can be re-registered against a billing account up to 5 times per 12 months
  • It can take up to 3 days for a credit card registration to complete.
The card information is stored securely on our credit card processor's encrypted database and is not stored on any of our systems.

If you need to make a payment check our Pay by credit card through the app article.

You should consider setting up a direct debit instead so you don't have to worry about paying your bills manually in the future:


  1. Log into the My One NZ app
    The main dashboard appear
    My One NZ App - Pay Monthly screen
  2. Scroll down and tap on Saved Cards 
    Screenshot My One NZ App Saved Cards
  3. Click Add new card
    Screenshot My One NZ App Add New Card
  4. Enter your card details
  5. Tap Submit
    Your credit card is now registered in My One NZ
    Red submit button

What to do if that didn't work?

If you weren't able to add a credit card through the app, you can try and add it on your desktop .

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