Credit Card | Make a one-off payment using the My One NZ App (One NZ A)

This page explains how to pay your bill using your credit card through the My One NZ app.

Before you begin

Confirm you are following the correct process by checking if you are a One NZ A,B or C customer .

This process is not compatible for One NZ C customers.

A convenience charge applies to all one-off credit card payments (even if your card is registered. It doesn't apply to direct debit's from credit cards):

  • 1% charge for Visa and Mastercard
  • 2% charge for American Express

You may want to consider setting up a direct debit instead so you don't have to worry about paying your bills manually in future:


  1. Log into the My One NZ app
    The main dashboard appears  
  2. Tap Accounts & Services 
    Screenshot My One NZ App Accounts and Services
  3. Select the account you want to pay
    List of accounts and services
  4. Tap the tile that displays your balance
    Screenshot My One NZ App Billing and Payments Tile
  5. Tap Pay Bill
    My One NZ App - Pay Bill button
  6. Enter the Amount you want to pay
    Screenshot My One NZ App Bill Payment Amount
  7. Tap the credit card drop-down menu and perform one of the following actions:
    • Select a previously registered credit card
    • Use another credit or debit card (you'll be prompted to enter the card details)whether you want to use a saved card, or click the down arrow to add a card
      Screenshot My One NZ App Bill Payment Method
  8. Tap Complete Payment
    Complete payment button

What to do if that didn't work?

If the payment didn't go through or you weren't able to submit it, you can also pay via internet banking .

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