Credit Card | Add a card through My One NZ web (One NZ A)

This article explains how you can register a new credit/Debit card to your My One NZ profile on the web.

Before you begin

The card information is stored securely on our credit card processor's encrypted database and is not stored on any of our systems.

If you need to make a payment, follow our Pay via Credit Card article.

You should consider setting up a direct debit instead so you don't have to worry about paying your bills manually in the future:


  1. Log into My One NZ , selecting My One NZ
    Screenshot My One NZ Web sign in
  2. From the navigation at the top of the page, point your mouse cursor over Account settings and select Manage payment options
    Screenshot My One NZ Web Manage Payment Options
  3. From the Add or manage saved cards row, click Registered Credit Cards
    Screenshot My One NZ Web Registered Credit Cards
  4. Click Add a new card 
    Screenshot My One NZ Web Add New Card
  5. Enter your card details
    My One NZ - Make Payment - Credit Card details screen
  6. Click Submit
    Red submit button on credit card payment screen

What to do if that didn't work?

If you weren't able to add your credit card, you could try adding it through the My One NZ App .

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