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This article explains how you can use the My One NZ to view your bill.

Before you begin

Confirm you are following the correct process by checking if you are a One NZ A,B or C customer .

To use the My One NZ App. ensure you have installed and registered the My One NZ App on your mobile device.

You must have the right access level on the account to view invoices.

You can also receive your bills via email or post, to change how you receive your bill use Change billing delivery method through My One NZ


My One NZ App (One NZ A or One NZ B)

  1. Sign in to the My One NZ app.

    The main dashboard appears.
  2. If you want to view a different account/service, tap Accounts & Services and select the service you wish to view the invoice for.

    Screenshot My One NZ App Accounts and Services
  3. Tap the account/payment tile.

    Screenshot My One NZ App Billing and Payments Tile
  4. Tap the invoice you wish to view under Latest bill, or scroll down to Previous bills and tap on the one you want to view.

    Screenshot My One NZ App View Billing History
    The bill you selected will be displayed.

My One NZ Web (One NZ A)

  1. Log in to My One NZ , selecting My One NZ

    Screenshot My One NZ Web sign in
    The Account Summary screen appears
  2. In the row of the relevant account, click View Bill   

    Screenshot My One NZ Web View Bill
    The past 12 months of your bills appears
  3. In the row of the bill you wish to view, click the arrow

    Screenshot My One NZ Web View Bills
     A screen with a summary of the month's charges appear
  4. Click View bill

    Screenshot My One NZ Web View Bill
    The bill you selected to view will be displayed

My One NZ Web (One NZ B)

  1. Log into My One NZ , selecting Internet & landline

    Screenshot My One NZ Web Internet and Landline Login screen
  2. In the My One NZ section, click My Bills


    The My bills screen appears

  3. From the Please select a bill drop-down menu, select a bill date

  4. Click View invoice


    After clicking View invoice, a PDF version of your invoice appears.


  1. Log into Customer Zone

    The My Profile page appears
  2. Click View bill 
  3. The View Bill section lets you view your current and past bills:

    • View your current bill: In the VIEW CURRENT BILL section, click the PDF icon
    • View previous bills: From the VIEW PREVIOUS BILLS drop-down menu, select the required invoice date


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