Payments|Setup direct debit via Bank Account using My One NZ (One NZ A)

This page explains how to set up a direct debit from a bank account using My One NZ for desktop.

Before you begin

Confirm you are following the correct process by checking if you are a One NZ A,B or C customer .

If you've got an unpaid invoice, you'll need to pay it manually:


  1. Log into My One NZ selecting My One NZ 
    Screenshot My One NZ Web login
  2. Hover your curser over Accounts settings and click Manage payment options
    Screenshot My One NZ Web Manage Payment Options
  3. Click Set up a direct debit now

    Screenshot_My One NZ_Direct Debit Bank account

  4. Complete and submit the One NZ Direct Debit Agreement form

    Screenshot_My One NZ_Direct Debit Agreement Form One NZ A

    After we receive your form, you will receive two emails or TXTs confirming:

    • The form has been received
    • The Direct Debit has been set up

      When your Direct Debit payment is set up, you will see a notification on your bill, in the Payment advice section, that the due amount will be taken by direct debit on a particular date

What to do if that didn't work?

You can alternatively setup a direct debit through credit card .

My payment didn't go through

The most common reason for this is that the Direct Debit hasn't been set up in time.

We need to give you notice that we will take a Direct Debit. This appears on your bill and if the Direct Debit is not set up before your bill date, we can't give you notice on your bill, and therefore can't take a Direct Debit. If this happens, we will take the full amount with the next month's payment.

If the notice appears on your bill and the Direct Debit is not taken, it is usually because there were insufficient funds in your account. Don't worry, just make sure there is enough money in the account next month and we'll take the full amount then. Or you can use one of our alternative payment methods .

If there was enough money in your account, and we gave notice that we would take the Direct Debit, please contact us , and we will investigate.

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