Bank account

Direct Debit from a Bank Account | Dishonored payments

Direct Debit from your Bank Account can be dishonoured for one of the following reasons:

Direct Debit from a bank account | Cancel or suspend a payment

Please contact us through live chat at least 2 working days before the date of the next payment.

Pay with internet banking | One NZ D

How to add us as a payee When you head to your bank's website or app to pay your bill, just select One NZ D from the list of companies to pay.

Payments | Pay with internet banking (One NZ C)

This article explains how to pay your One NZ bill using internet banking.

Payments | Setup direct debit via Bank Account through the website

This page explains how to set up a direct debit from a Bank Account through the One NZ website.

Billing | Pay your bill using Internet Banking

This page explains how you can pay your bill using Internet Banking.

Payments| Pay with internet banking (One NZ A)

This article contains steps on paying your One NZ bill using internet banking.

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