About bill dates

Knowing the billing date for your account is important. It's the date your bill is generated, any Add-ons renew (if you have any) and the due date for your payment is calculated from.

What's a billing cycle

If you have an account with us, you're assigned a date that your billing cycle starts on each month. On this date, the included minutes, TXTs and/ or data in your plan and Add-Ons are renewed. It's also the date we start preparing your invoice for the last billing period. You can expect to get your bill within a couple of days from this date.

Find your billing date

Your billing date can be found on the top right hand corner of your invoice. If you don't have an invoice handy you can see where to view it online .

When should payments be made

Payment towards your bill must be made within 17 days from your bill date. If you miss your payment, you may incur a late payment fee .

To help avoid the late payment fee, we'll send you a TXT to remind you about an unpaid bill. The sender of the TXT will appear as either One NZ or 761.

Change your billing date

To change your monthly bill cycle contact us by phone to arrange this for you.

Add-On renewal dates

Add-Ons are optional extras such as data, calling minutes or international TXTs that you can buy in addition to your plan allowance. Once activated, these Add-Ons automatically renew each month (on your plan renewal date) until you cancel them. For example, if your billing date is 18th of every month, the Add-On will renew on the 18th of every month.

Each month the cost of the Add-On will be charged to your bill. Add-Ons are charged monthly in advance. If you change your Add-On part way through your billing month, we will apply a credit to your next bill for the unused days of your first or previous Add-On. We will then apply a partial month charge for the new Add-On for the remainder of the billing month, as well as the next month's charges for your new Add-On.

Note: Data Add-Ons purchased through Flexi data (100% data usage notification) only last until the end of your billing date. If you purchase an Add-On a few days before your monthly bill is generated, your Add-on will only be valid until the end of your current billing date and will not continue the following month unless re-purchased via the Flexi Data TXT.

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