Rural Broadband

Deco X80 - 5G | Set up the Modem

This article explains how to set up the Deco Device X80 - 5G.

Deco X58 - 4G | Set up the Modem

This article explains how to set up the Deco Device X58 - 4G.

Deco X58 | Insert a new SIM card in the modem

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Switch to Rural Wireless Broadband

If you want to swap your fixed broadband plan for Rural Wireless Broadband, call us on 0800 777 035 (business customers, talk to your Account Manager or call us on 0800 777 041

About broadband speeds

We can provide the fastest speed available for your plan. However, there are multiple reasons why your connection speed may be less than the maximum or may vary. You can check how fast your connection is with this broadband speed test.

Can I use My One NZ to view my Rural Wireless Broadband account?

Yes, if you already have a mobile phone added to My One NZ, you can access your Rural Broadband plan details by adding it to your profile.

More than one phone line with a Rural Wireless Broadband plan

Our Wireless Broadband and Calling plans For Home Wireless Broadband (and Rural Broadband) only come with a single calling line.

During installation of Rural Wireless Broadband, will I pay for 2 services?

If you are transferring your phone number to our Rural Broadband & Calling, you may be paying for 2 services for up to 4 days (the time required to process number transfer after your connection to us is activated). Please check with your original provider for more details with regard to you paying for your previous service.

About the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI)

The Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) has brought better broadband coverage and speeds to rural areas of New Zealand, delivering broadband to around 275,000 rural households.It has also extended cell phone coverage in New Zealand to a total of 125,700 square kilometres.

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