About late payment fees

What is a late payment fee
The fee charged when someone doesn't pay their bill by its due date. 

Why charge a late payment fee?
The cost to chase overdue bills is substantial. To help recover these costs a late payment fee is applied.

Late payment fee is applied to all overdue bills.
How much is the late payment fee?If you have not paid your bill by the due date, you will see either of the following Late Payment Fees on your next month's bill, for:

  • Consumer Customers - $18.40 including GST ($16.00 excluding GST)
  • Business Customers - $16.00 excluding GST ($18.40 including GST) OR 3% per annum (equal to 0.25% per month) on total overdue balance (including GST.) Whichever is value is greater.

How to avoid late payment fees?

  • Pay your bill by Direct Debit from your bank account or credit card. You can also set it up through the My One NZ app.
  • Pay your bill via My One NZ: My One NZ  is a fast, easy way to pay your bill on your PC, mobile or tablet. You can even set up TXT bill reminders.

Set up reminders on your bill
You can set up to receive a text and/or email bill notifications through your My One NZ App

Need more time to pay your bill?
If you need more time to pay your bill, please call us on 777, or 888 if you are a business customer, to talk through your options. Overdue accounts may still incur a late payment fee even if you have made a payment arrangement.

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