Direct Debit | Set up a credit card using My One NZ web

This article explains how to set up a Direct Debit via Credit Card using the My One NZ website.

You should know

  • This is only compatible if your bill shows One NZ A.
  • We recommend using the My One NZ app to set up, manage or cancel a direct from a credit card.


  1. Log into My One NZ, selecting My One NZ
    The Account summary screen appears
  2. From the top-menu, point your mouse cursor over Account settings and select Manage payment options
    The Manage payment options screen appears
    Manage payment options menu item
  3. In the Direct Debit from your credit card section, click Set up a direct debit now
    The One NZ Variable Credit Card (VCC) Agreement screen appears
    Grey set up a direct debit now button
  4. From the Account drop-down menu, select the required billing account
    Account drop-down menu
  5. From the Credit/Debit card drop-down menu, select the relevant registered credit card
    • Alternatively, you can choose to pay with another credit/debit card - you will be asked for your card details
    Credit or debit card drop-down menu

  6. Click Continue
    The Confirmation of direct debit screen appears
    Green continue button
  7. Tick the terms and conditions checkbox
    Terms and conditions checkbox
  8. Click Set up direct debit
    After the request is processed, a confirmation screen appears
    Green set up direct debit button
  9. Click Done
    Green done button
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