What or where is my One NZ account number?

Your customer number, or account number, is shown on your monthly bill, top right of the document.

You should refer to this number if:

  • You have any billing queries.
  • You are making or setting up payments.

Before you begin

  • Include any leading zeros i.e. include all the digits of your Account Number.
  • Prepay services: Your account number is your phone number.

Finding your customer/account number

If you don't have your bill to hand, no worries, you can find it online in My One NZ.
If you know which One NZ Bank account name you pay, then follow the appropriate steps below, otherwise use the description to assist.

One NZ A

(Mobile, Mobile Broadband, Wireless Broadband, Broadband, Home Phone)

  1. Sign in to My One NZ  (Mobile), using your username or phone number and password
  2. On your Summary page, your account number is listed under your connection as Account: number

One NZ B

(ADSL/VDSL/Fibre Broadband, Home Phone)

  1. Sign in to My One NZ  (Internet & Landline), using your username and password
  2. On your Account summary page, click on 'Latest bill (PDF)
  3. Your bill will open in a new window and your Customer Number is show top right corner.

One NZ C

(HFC/Fibre Broadband, Home Phone - Ref:TCL)

  1. Sign in to My One NZ  (Customer Zone)
  2. On your summary screen, you will see your account number listed.
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