Always Connected broadband | Summary

This article provides answers for the most common questions about our Always Connected broadband promise.

How to take up the Always Connected promise.

If your home broadband stops working, give our service team a call and we'll do our best to fix it straight away.

If we can't, the Customer Care agent you are speaking with will add enough mobile data to an eligible mobiles on our network, so everyone in your house stays connected while we get it sorted.

What plans are eligible?

Home Broadband plans.

If you are on an in-market personal broadband plan , you are eligible for our Always Connected promise.

You can check on what plan you have in My One NZ or in Customer Zone .

Mobile plans

We can add the Always Connected mobile data to a range of Personal Prepay and in-market Pay Monthly plans.

Pay Monthly PlansPrepay Plans

The Unlimited mobile plan is not eligible for Always Connected data

  • Advantage
  • Advantage Lite
  • Black
  • Black Data
  • Connect
  • Connect Plus
  • Red+ - 1 Month
  • Red+ Essentials - 1 Month
  • Red+ Lite
  • Red+ Super
  • Starter

    You should know

    • The data under our Always Connected promise can be applied to up to 4 mobiles in your household
    • If you use up all of the data offered through Always Connected or the data expires (after 7 days), you will begin using you the regular data allowance of your mobile plan

      If you run out of data, just give us a call on 777 and we'll be happy to top up your Always Connected data allowance

    • The Always Connected mobile data bundle that we apply won't be visible in My One NZ.

      If you are on our personal Red Share plan, the data is 'shareable' but you won't be able to portion it out.

      Red Share users will not be able to see your standard plans data entitlements in My One NZ until after the Add-On expires in 7 days.

    How to connect your device to the internet through your phone?

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