Prepay | Check balance via TXT

This article explains how to check your Prepay balance by TXT.

Before you start

Please note: These TXTs are free to send and receive.


  1. On your One NZ Prepay mobile, TXT BAL to 777
  2. A TXT is sent to you with the below information


TXT format


General BAL:Balance on the accountUnused credit $nnn.nnUnused Credit: $33.59
Expiry date of creditExpiry date: dd/mm/yyyyExpiry date: 25/03/2003
Last call cost (of voice calls only)Last Call dd/mm/yyLast Call: 20/10/2001 (this field can be n/a)

What to do if that didn't work

You can also check your balance using the My One NZ app .

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