My One NZ | User types

Your view and use of My One NZ will vary according to your access level. Customers can have multiple accounts; accounts can have multiple connections and connections are the simplest form of access.

We use 3 types of access in My One NZ:


This is the highest level. You're able to view invoices for all accounts listed when you log in as well as details for all the connections listed. Responsible for the overall contract with One NZ.


You're able to view invoices and details of devices but only those listed for your account i.e. your account that's part of a wider group of accounts. AKA Billing Account level.


You're able to view details about that device/plan i.e. a Prepay plan.

How to set up or change access levels

To set up or change your access level, you will need to contact us .

Learn more about using My One NZ .

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