SIM Swap | Frequently Asked Questions

This article contains details on how to move your number to a new SIM

To complete a SIM swap, please visit our nearest retail store  with photo ID.

Before going to the store

Remember to transfer your contacts and other information before swapping to your new SIM (if you are at our store, they can help you transfer the information before changing your SIM).

To find out how, search for your device in our Device Guides and then search for Import contacts.

What you'll need

  • x1 Replacement SIM (a SIM with no mobile number)
  • The SIM card number  of the replacement SIM
  • Photo ID (e.g. driver's license)

When you shouldn't do a SIM Swap

If you are doing any of the following, you do not need to do a SIM swap:

  • Moving a new employee to a company billing account
    Please give us a call
  • Joining us from another mobile service provider
    When you buy your plan , we will send you a new SIM card - it's 3 SIM cards in one and so will work on any device
  • You're an employee and are not the account holder
    Speak to the account holder who will have the access rights to perform the swap for you.

What information is transferred

Only your mobile number is transferred to the new SIM. Your contacts and other information stored on the SIM aren't transferred and will not be available after the SIM swap is completed.

Where you can get a replacement SIM

You can pick up a replacement SIM card from any of our retail stores . While you're there, they can transfer your number to a new SIM - just make sure you have some photo ID with you.

How many SIM swaps can I do?

You can transfer a phone number to a new SIM card once every 30 days.

How long does it take?

It usually takes less than 2 hours to flow through our system.


If your new SIM card has not started working after 2 hours:

  • Ensure the new SIM is in your phone
  • Turn your mobile off and on again

If it's still not working, please give us a call on 0800 800 021.

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