My One NZ | Change Prepay plan

This page explains how to change your Prepay plan.

Before you begin

  • If you are already on a MyFlex plan, you are unable to change to a different plan. However, you can redesign your plan .
  • If you move between Prepay plans, any Add-Ons you have will be removed.


My One NZ Web

  1. Log into My One NZ selecting My One NZ

    Screenshot My One NZ Web login
  2. Point your mouse cursor over Products & Services and select Plan & Add-Ons

    Screenshot My One NZ Web Plan & AddOns Option
  3. From the Select a service drop-down menu, select your Prepay mobile number

    Screenshot My One NZ Web Select a Service
  4. In the Plan overview section, click Change plan

    Screenshot My One NZ Web Change Plan
  5. Find your desired Prepay plan and click Switch

My One NZ App

  1. Log in to the My One NZ app.
  2. Scroll down and tap Plans & Add-Ons.

    Screenshot My One NZ App Plans and AddOns
  3. Tap Change plan.

    Screenshot My One NZ App Prepay Change Plan Button
  4. Choose your plans and tap Switch.

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