Voicemail on VoIP Phone Lines

This article covers instructions on how to use Voicemail on VoIP for Consumer customers, Business customers should follow How to listen to Easy Office and Business Voicemail.

About the Account Administration Fee

This page provides answers to questions you may have about the Account Administration Fee.

About One NZ Pass

This article covers the most common questions about One NZ Pass including which apps are included, what uses your plan data outside of a One NZ Pass and more.

About and how to sign up for / cancel Premium TXT services

What is a Premium TXT service Premium TXT services are mobile content or information services that can be accessed by TXT or PXT or via data GPRS/WAP services. They allow consumers to vote on TV shows, enter competitions, receive information updates and buy content such as ringtones, music or videos, and hundreds of other services.

Need a broadband modem replacement?

Modem warranty replacements The two types of cover available are:

About late payment fees

What is a late payment fee

Vulnerable customers

You should know

Has One NZ called me? 0800 777 443

Checking if a call you've received is from One NZ? Here are the numbers we use to call customers: Sales

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