One NZ broadband: Already got a modem?

Voice Calling over broadband

If you have Voice calling over broadband, you will need to use the latest modem we supply as Voice calling over broadband doesn't work with other modems. 

One NZ Broadband only (no voice calling) or standard copper landlines

You can use your own modem if you don't have Voice calling over broadband.

  • Use these modem network settings , if you have either of the below connection:
    • ADSL
    • VDSL
    • Fibre
    • HFC
  • If you are getting HFC or Fibre installed for the first time, a technician will be booked to install, setup and connect a modem we supplied. If not, click here for self install steps.

Non-One NZ modem support

As there are lots of different modems and routers, it's not possible for us to be able to support them all. Don't worry - your hardware supplier will be able to help and you'll find their contact number in your hardware manual or you can check your modem/router supplier's contact details .

If you do have a One NZ-supported modem and need some help, please have your broadband username and password handy when you call us .

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