Broadband | Non-One NZ modems settings

If you are setting up your own modem on a One NZ Fibre, VDSL or ADSL broadband plan and you are unable to get online, you may need to change your modem settings.

Before you begin

Check your modem is compatible with the broadband service you are connecting to, if you are connecting to:

  • Fibre, your modem must support WAN VLAN tagging with IPoE
  • VDSL or ADSL, your modem must support New Zealand PPPoA DSL

Check you are on a broadband only plan
If you have voice calling over broadband, you will need to use the latest One NZ supplied modem. If your non-One NZ modem has SIP voice calling capability, this cannot be used on the One NZ network.
You'll find our set up voice calling guide over here .

Take a look at our set up guide here

If you are using a:

  • One NZ modem - If you are using a One NZ modem, these settings should not be changed on your modem. If you are experiencing issues, please call us .
  • Rural or Wireless Broadband modems - use a SIM card and the settings are embedded on the card, if you're having issues, please call us .

Modem Settings

Fibre and HFC

 Access TypeEthernet
 Connection TypeIP routing (IP/DHCP)
 IP protocol version IPv4 + IPv6
 IPv4 address type DHCP
 DNS Automatic
 IPv6 addressing type DHCP


 Access Type PTM
 Connection Type IP routing (IP/DHCP)
 IP protocol version IPv4 +IPv6
 IPv4 address type DHCP
DNS Automatic
IPv6 addressing type DHCP


PPPPPP over ATM (RFC2364)
Preferred DNS203.109.191.1
Secondary DNS203.118.191.1

What to do if that didn't work

If you need further help setting up your non-One NZ modem, please refer to your modem user guide or contact your modem manufacturer.

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