My One NZ | Buy a Pay Monthly Add-On

This article explains how you can buy more data, more calling minutes or TXTs for your Pay Monthly (On Account) account using My One NZ.

Before you begin

Pay Monthly data Add-Ons can only be purchased using the My One NZ app.

To purchase Add-Ons, you need Billing Account access in My One NZ.


My One NZ Web

  1. Sign into My One NZ , selecting My One NZ

    Screenshot My One NZ Web sign in
  2. Point your mouse cursor over Products & services and select Plan & Add-Ons  

    Screenshot My One NZ - Plan & Add-Ons option
    The Your plan and Add-Ons screen appears.
  3. From the Select number drop-down menu, select the required connection.

    Screenshot My One NZ Web Plan and AddOns
  4. In the Your Add-Ons section, click Buy other Add-Ons.

    The Get more Add-Ons screen appears displaying a list of available Add-Ons for purchase.
  5. Find the Add-On you would like to purchase and click Select.

    The You are purchasing <Add-On name> appears (this can take up to 1 minute to appear).
  6. Click Confirm Add-On.

    After clicking Confirm Add-On, a message appears to confirm that we have received your request and the Add-On will be available for use soon.

My One NZ App

  1. Sign in to the My One NZ app.

    The main dashboard appears:

    My One NZ App - Pay Monthly screen
  2. Tap on the Add-Ons tile.

    Screenshot My One NZ App AddOns Tile
  3. Tap the Add-On you want to buy.

    Screenshot My One NZ App OA Available AddOns
  4. Tap Buy.

    Screenshot My One NZ App, buying Add-Ons.
  5. Tap Confirm.

    Screenshot My One NZ App confirm buying data Add-Ons.
    A message appears confirming that you have purchased the Add-On.

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