Voice Calling Over Broadband | Fix your home phone

This page explains things you can check to fix your Fibre, HFC or VDSL VoIP connection.

Before you begin

Voice calling over broadband (VoIP) is the latest in phone line technology.

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. It replaces the old analogue voice signal with a digital signal which is transmitted over the internet.


  1. Check that you've paid your bill

    For your services to keep running smoothly, ensure your account payments are up to date .

  2. Confirm you are connected to the internet

    Your VoIP home line uses your broadband connection at home to make and receive phone calls. Because of this, if your modem isn't connected to the internet your home phone will stop working.

    Find out how to fix issues with your broadband connection .

  3. Check the VoIP light on your modem is solid green

    The VoIP light on your modem indicates if your VoIP service has been set up on our systems.

    When your VoIP service is setup correctly, the light will be solid green

    If the light is:

    • Solid green - Services are set up correctly
    • Blinking green - Disconnect the phone and see if the VoIP light turns solid green if it:
      • Does, plug the phone back in and the light should remain solid green.
      • Doesn't try another phone

        If you light still doesn't remain solid green, please contact us

    • No light - Please contact us and let us know
  4. Try plugging the phone directly into your modem (Fibre and only)

    Plugging your phone directly into the Phone 1 port on your modem checks if the issue is with your service or your home's internal wiring.

    If your phone only works when it's plugged directly into your modem, there is an issue with your home's internal wiring.

  5. Try using a different phone - ensure you change all the phone's cables when you are testing the other phone.

What to do if that didn't work

If you are still unable to make or receive phone calls, please contact us .

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