Broadband | How to fix your internet connection

This article provides steps to help you troubleshoot no active Fixed Line internet connection issues.

Before you begin

If it is just your WiFi connection that's not working, see these WiFi troubleshooting tips .

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  1. Check for outages to see if it's affecting your internet
  2. Turn all your hardware and devices off and on again:
    • Power off all your hardware and devices at the wall, such as modems, routers, Fibre ONT, HFC cable ONT, switches, hubs and computers.
    • Restart them after a minute, starting with the ONT (if you have Fibre or HFC broadband), then followed by your modem, router, then other network device and then the computer(s).
  3. Check if the Power or PWR light on your modem is:
    • Solid green, modem is powered on
    • Flashing or solid red, your modem might be faulty. Contact us .
    • No light, check your power cable is plugged in properly to the modem and the wall power point. Check the power point is switched ON and works. Try another power point.
  4. Check if the Internet light on your modem is:
    • Solid green, the internet connection is working
    • Flashing or off, contact us .

    Our modem device guides  can provide further help with your modem lights

  5. Check the modem cables:
    • Check that all cables are plugged in properly
    • Unplug the cables and plug them back in
    • Try new cables
  6. Perform an isolation test .

What to do if that didn't work

If you've eliminated all possible causes and you're still experiencing Broadband connection issues, contact our technical support team on 0800 438 448 - include details of the issue you are experiencing and troubleshooting steps you have taken.

If no fault is found with the network, you may need a technician to come to your property to review and fix the problem. A technician fee may apply.

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