SmartWifi X53 | Set up the modem

This page explains how to set up a SmartWifi X53 for Business Fibre

DN8245 | Setup for Fibre/HFC

Steps to setup a DN8245 for a Broadband connection

Getting One NZ Ultra Fast Broadband installed at your business

This article is an overview of the 3-step process behind getting Ultra Fast Broadband installed at your business.

About broadband speeds

We can provide the fastest speed available for your plan. However, there are multiple reasons why your connection speed may be less than the maximum or may vary. You can check how fast your connection is with this broadband speed test.

Fibre | About your installation

Find out more about getting fibre broadband and what's involved.

I can't be home for my broadband installation

If your scheduled installation date no longer works for you, you can call us to organise an alternative time.

Fibre Broadband install | Homes with shared driveways

This article explains the fibre broadband install process for properties on a shared driveway.

Fibre broadband and My One NZ

You will use My One NZ to manage your fibre broadband plan - paying billings etc, provided that your bill does not display REF:TCL. If that's the case, you will use Customer Zone to manage your Fibre broadband account.

About our Fibre Tracker

You've ordered Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband, so what's next?

Fibre Broadband | Consent process for building owners or body corporate members

This article explains the consent process for Fibre Broadband if you're a building owner or part of a body corporate.

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