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This article explains how you can change plan options with your One NZ Broadband plan.

Before you begin.

Confirm that you are following the correct process by checking if you are a One NZ A,B or C customer .

If you are a One NZ A customer then you can change your broadband plan by:

  • Calling us - Phone us on 0800 222 664 and we will go through your details and be more than happy to help you
  • Visiting your local One NZ Store - We will be more than happy to talk you through your options and change your plan, make sure you take:
    • Proof of ID (Driver's Licence/Passport)
    • Proof of address (a recent electricity bill for example)

If you are a One NZ B customer, follow the process below.
Your current plan is shown on the Account summary page of My One NZ, under Internet services.

When changing your broadband plan (personal or business):

  • You can change your plan if the connection-type is the same, i.e. you're going from one ADSL plan to another ADSL plan. When this is done your next bill will show part charges for the old plan and the new.
  • You can schedule your plan change to happen on the 1st of the following month, so your bill will simply change to your new plan.
  • Your plan will be changed when the installation process is completed i.e. moving from ADSL to VDSL/Cable/Fibre. This will be dependent on when the installation process has been completed.

You can change plans at anytime without breaking your contract with us. So if you're on one of our Broadband & Home Phone packs and change to a Naked Broadband plan, or vice versa, as long as you stay with us, we won't charge you any early termination charges.

However, if you signed up for a specific deal that required you to keep a service, like Talk 1 or Talk 2, for the duration of your contract, you could be charged an early termination charge (ETC) for switching to a Naked Broadband plan.


  1. Open and log into My One NZ using Internet and Landline.
    Screenshot My One NZ Web Internet and Landline Login screen
  2. Under the Internet menu, select Change Account Type.

    The screen will then give you the choice of which account you would like to change (if you have more than one)

  3. Select and click Change Plan.

    You will then have a selection of plans that you can change to.

    If the plan you're wanting to change to is not shown i.e. Cable or Fibre but you know it is available at your address, then contact us .

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