About known TXT and email hoaxes

We've created this page to alert you to the kinds of hoax TXTs and emails that have been doing the rounds. We can't promise that we'll capture everything here, but check them out anyway!

Remember, even if it's not listed here - if it sounds dodgy or too good to be true, it probably is.

If it says One NZ will do (insert whatever wacky thing they've thought up) if you do X. . . .  then check our website, it if it is one of our promotions we'll have details up on the website telling you about it.

Being a communications company we're pretty good at telling you ourselves and never get anyone to forward messages for us.

Use your common sense and check it out first - and definitely before forwarding it to your mates!

  • Hoaxes are listed from newest to oldest reading down the list

Known TXT Hoaxes

 TXTs from 5472247@vodafonemail.cz), advising you that you have won a lotto and need to reply to a particular email for claim.
 You have won $500,000.00USD  in 2010 GLOBAL MOBILE LOTTO DRAW with Ref: EGS/475061725. Email Dr Mack Young (drmackyoung01@hotmail.com) for Payment Congratulations.
 CONGRATULATIONS! Your Mobile Number Has Won The Sum Of $550,000 In The Nokia 2010 Promo.
Call Dann on +447011137814 or  Email: npromo88@yahoo.com
 You won £400,000 POUNDS in the 2010 mobile draw. Send your REF NO: NZ/04 to email: llutrija2@yahoo.com for more info to claim ur money Mr.Frank
 "Congratulations, your telephone number was selected and won $250,000 British pounds in Nokia jumbo, to claim email to nokiajumbo@sapo.pt our telephone number is +447031905556"
  "Congratulation you have won a total sum of $7500 US South Africa world cup lottery international. Your number was one of the world wide cell phone random lucky generated. Ref:SER469/6103/24 Winning number: 2/9/22/23/24/30 contacts our agent is Raph nelson and his phone number:+ 0773221736 or e-mail them @world cup southafrica2010."
 "Great news Vodafone is giving out free 20dollar topups until tomorro al you have to do is send this message to 10 people including me then check your balance"
 "BIG NEWS! vodafone is offerin 2 xtend free txtin AGEN! all u have 2 do is forward this txt 2 ALL ur 021s cos this msg has 2 get 2 atlest 8000 mobiles round nz"
 "Vodafone: is celebrating the end of free txting send this to ten customers and be topped up $20"
 "Free txting will be available until the end of 2007 IF 300 PEOPLE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO 20 people you will also be given a 12 digit code for 20$ CREDIT"
 "Vodafone is celebrating da new release ov da $30 top up cards snd dis 2 10 people and ring 777 u will be topped up $30 dis isn't fake I tried" 
 "Free txn has bn xtended 4 al of 2007, snd ths msg 2 10ppl & b topd up $10 dnt believ me thn enquire online  @
 "Free txt wknd is endn this month! We need 10000 copies of ths txt 2 b snt ova our network to xtnd ths offer. Please snd this on 2 all 021 numbrs"
 "Fwd this msg to 13 other people 2 get a $20 credit on your VF account. If you don't get the credit, call *555"
 "My name is Terrin, my dad put me thru a mincer, if u dnt snd ths 2 10ppl i will be waitn by ur bed at 12.05 wit a chainsaw 2 let u knw wot its lyk 2 die"
 "Txt the letter B to 8080 and you will receive free ringtones."
 "Vodafone now has free texting Tuesdays!  Send this on to 10 people!"
 "ORIGINAL MSG FROM VODAFONE* Due to congestion of text msgs and spam Vodafone is capping free txts to 200 on the weekend. Forward this to all on Vodafone"
 "Telecom and Vodafone can now text each other. Send this text to 10 people and you will get xx credit added to your phone."
 "These are money bees - send this on to six people and you'll win money."
 "Its Vodafone national PASS IT on day. To promote free txting on weekends. Pass it on 2 20 people and be toppd $50 $ free. Pass it on"
 "Send a pxt a photo and message together and it will be free"
 "Send 6 roses in memory of the six people who died in the weekend,  and VF will top up your account by $20"

Known Email hoaxes

"Subject: Your latest Bill cannot be processed
Dear Customer
The payment for your latest bill has failed. The payment processor has detected invalid billing information associated with your account. Your service is now scheduled for automatic disconnection on *04 January, 2017*.

Why did I receive this error?
This usually happens for several reasons. Either some of your information has expired or you may have changed some of your billing information recently, such as street address, phone number, account number, etc.

How can I avoid service interruption?
To avoid service interruption make sure your billing information is up to date. Failure to take part in this process before the due date will result in service disconnection without further notice.
Where can I update my billing information?

To update your billing information just visit the profile update link below:

Once you have completed the profile update process your bill will be processed instantly. No further action is required."

This email has been identified as a scam/spam email. Please do not click on the link or reply. Please delete the email or mark it as spam.

Phishing hoax. The giveaway is that it is not from a Vodafone.com email address, additionally we would give advance notice of any such major changes (30 days at least)

Hoax example

 Phishing hoax, targeting BNZ banking customers. The giveaway is that the link is not directly to the BNZ's website, nor would a bank ever ask for this information in an email.
  • Do not reply, do not click the link - report and delete.

From: BNZ - Internet Banking mailto :i-banking@bnz.co.nz

Sent: Friday, 21 May 2010 12:48 p.m.

Subject: We are necessitating a verification process on all account(s)

Dear customer,

BNZ Internet Banking Services

We are necessitating a verification process on all account(s) (BNZ Loan/BNZ Savings),as an added measure to

ensuring adequate security on your online access. Please Sign in to complete the verification process and ensure you fill

in the required information. Sign In Here http: // www. damyan-jordanov.com /js/bnz.co.nz.html

Thank you.

Online Banking Security Team

BNZ Bank Corporation .

© 2010 All Rights Reserved

 "....Vodafone wishes to congratulate you for your email address emerged as one of the online winning emails in the International Internet Win for the 2nd category winning a prize of GBP 850,500.00 (Eight hundred and Fifty Thousand Five Hundred Pounds) and a Pavilon dv6135us Notebook/Laptop....."

A subsequent email from the "ING Bank, UK" requests that the winner sends proof of their identity (passport, drivers licence or ID card details) and GBP 1500 to activate an off-shore account.

Dear Valued Vodafone Webmail Holder,

You are receiving this email with regards to your personal Vodafone Webmail.
Please read carefully before continuing as some vital informations are being updated.

Your Vodafone Webmail is showing to be incomplete, due to a data failure in our systems. You must therefore, provide us with specific details of your Vodafone Webmail within 48 Hours of receiving this message.

Failure to comply will result in your Vodafone Webmail termination.

To update your Vodafone Webmail, provide us with the following datas:

1. Username:
2. Password:
3. Complete Name:

Ensure the informations are correct carefully before submitting it, mistakes can terminate your Vodafone Webmail.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Dr Susan Niles
Vodafone Group.
Customer Relations Manager

  A fraudulent email is circulating that asks customers to confirm their user name and login to Vodafone Web mail. It contains a Vodafone logo and a very real looking footer that Vodafone uses on it's website. This particular hyperlink directs customers to an overseas website which is not a Vodafone website but looks very realistic.  These emails are designed to warn you of being susceptible to identity theft when in actual fact that is the scammer's motive. A sample of what the email looks like is below. Vodafone New Zealand will never ask customers to confirm their username and password to its web services.


  Attn: Lucky Winner, Winning Coupon number AWIN-01257: We bring to
your notice the winning prize from Vodafone NL Lottery held on the 13th of November, 2007 through Internet ballot System among 10,000 Microsoft users. Subsequently, your email attached to Coupon number (AWIN-01257) won contract sum of €1,000,000 Euros from a total sum of €10,000,000 Euros. We request your serious attention to this notification by contacting the claims and notarization department with claim information and procedures of claim. Mrs. Sarah Lenert
Mr. Adam Van
Der Davies
Tel: +31-623-446-879
Fax: +31-847-224-016

  ----- >>Subject: FW: All mobile users pay attention
>>All mobile users pay attention
>>All mobile users pay attention If you receive a phone call and your
>>phone displays (ACE) on the screen don't answer the call, END THE CALL
>>IMMEDIATELY, if you answer the call,your phone will be infected by a
>>This virus will erase all IMEI and IMSI information from both your phone
>>Your SIM card, which will make your phone unable to connect with the
>>telephone Network. You will have to buy a new phone. This information
>>been confirmed By both Motorola and Nokia.
>>There are over 3 Million mobile phones being infected By this virus in
>>around the world now. You can also check this news in the CNN web site.

  Vodafone Promotions
REF: VFP /26510460037/02
We happily announce to you TODAY the draw of the VODAFONE PROMOTIONS, online Sweepstakes International program held on Monday 21st of August, 2005. Your e-mail address attached to ticket number: 023-0148-790-459 with Serial number 5073-11 drew the lucky numbers: 43-11-44-17-37-10-43, which subsequently won you the lottery in the 3rd category.
You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of US$ 5.5.000,000.00 (five million, five hundred thousand dollars ) in cash credited to file VFP/25041238013/02. This is from a total cash prize of $93.500,000.00 shared amongst 17 lucky winners in this category
All participants for the online version were selected randomly from World Wide Web sites through computer draw system and extracted from over 100,000 unions, associations, and corporate bodies that are listed online. This promotion takes place weekly.
Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our European booklet representative office in Europe as indicated in your play coupon. In view of this, your US$ 5.5.000,000.00 (five million, five hundred thousand dollars ) would be released to you by any of our payment offices in Europe.
Your fund is now deposited with a Security company Insured. Our European agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact him. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims is processed and your money remitted to you in whatever manner you deem fit to claim your prize.
This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program. Please be warned.
To file for your claim, please contact our fiduciary agent:
Remember that all prize money must be claimed not later than two weeks, otherwise, will be returned as unclaimed.
Congratulations from the staff and I of the VODAFONE PROMOTIONS.
Yours faithfully,
Dominique Filbert
Online coordinator for VODAFONE PROMOTIONS
Sweepstakes International Program.
Copyright © 1994-2005
All rights reserved. Terms of Service - Guideline

  Dear all,  I just want you guys to take hold of this opportunity from Ericsson.  Ericsson is distributing cell phones for free over the internet to
 compete with Nokia, which is doing the same. They want to be better
 known through the Internet by word of mouth and so they are giving away
 their new WAP phone. All you need to do is mail this to 8 of your
 acquaintances.  In two weeks you will receive an Ericsson T18. If you send this email to
 20 people or more, you will receive an Ericsson R320 Wap Phone.  Don't forget to mail a copy of this email to anna.swelund@ericsson.com <
 mailto:anna.swelund@ericsson.com> to ensure that your participation is

  Customer Service and Logistic Department
Reference No:FL/668530092
Batch No: 452006/14/FIFA06/FL. We gladly wish to inform you of the draws of the VODAFONE ONLINE PROMOTION INTERNATIONAL in conjunction with the National Organizing Committee of the 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP held on the 18th May 2006 in Munich Germany. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Please be informed that all participants in this Vodafone promotion program were selected randomly from the World Wide Web.Due to possible mix up of some numbers and email contacts, we ask that you keep this award strictly from public notice. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by some participants of this program. To begin the claim processing of your prize you are to contact the claims agent with the details below: 1.FULL NAMES,2.ADDRESS 3.SEX 4.AGE 5.MARITAL STATUS 6.OCCUPATION 7.E-MAIL ADDRESS 8.TELEPHONE NUMBER, COUNTRY. FUDICIARY AGENT:Mr. Niklas Flippo (Rev.)
Email: Goodluck from me and members of staff of the VODAFONE ONLINE PROMOTION INTERNATIONAL Best Regards,
MR. Franz Beckenbauer(Lottery Co-Ordinator)

  Warning from Shell Oil Company. In the first case, the phone was placed on the car's trunk lid during
fueling; it rang and the ensuing fire destroyed the car
and the gasoline pump. In the second, an individual suffered severe burns to their face when fumes
ignited as they answered a call while refueling their
car. And in the third, an individual suffered burns to the thigh and groin as
fumes ignited when the phone, which was in their pocket, rang while they were fueling their car. You should know that: Mobile Phones can ignite fuel or fumes. Mobile phones that light up when switched on or when they ring, release
enough energy to provide a spark for ignition. Mobile phones should not be used in filling stations, or when fueling lawn
mowers, boats, etc. Mobile phones should not be used, or should be turned off, around other
materials that generate flammable or explosive fumes or dust, (i.e. solvents, chemicals, gases, grain dust, etc.) To sum it up, here are the Four Rules for Safe Refueling: 01. Turn off engine
02. Don't smoke
03. Don't use your cell phone - leave it inside the vehicle or turn it off. 04. Don't re-enter your vehicle during fueling. Bob Renkes of Petroleum Equipment Institute is working on a campaign to try
and make people aware of fires as a result of "static electricity" at gas pumps. His company has researched 150 cases of these
fires. His results were very surprising: 01. Out of 150 cases, almost all of them were women.
02. Almost all cases involved the person getting back in their vehicle while
the nozzle was still pumping gas. When finished, they went back to pull the
nozzle out and the fire started, as a result of static.
03. Most had on rubber-soled shoes.
04. Most men never get back in their vehicle until completely finished.
This is why they are seldom involved in these types of fires. 05. Don't ever use cell phones when pumping gas. 06. It is the vapors that come out of the gas that cause the fire, when
connected with static charges.
07. There were 29 fires where the vehicle was re-entered and the nozzle was
touched during refueling from a variety of makes and models. Some resulted in extensive damage to the vehicle, to the station, and to the
08. Seventeen fires occurred before, during or immediately after the gas cap
was removed and before fueling began. Mr. Renkes stresses to NEVER get back into your vehicle while filling it
with gas. If you absolutely HAVE to get in your vehicle while the gas is pumping, make
sure you get out, close the door, TOUCHING THE METAL, before you ever pull the nozzle out. This way the static from your body will be
discharged before you ever remove the nozzle. As I mentioned earlier, The Petroleum Equipment Institute, along with
several other companies now, are really trying to make the public aware of
this danger. You can find out more information by going to:
  Once here, click in the center of the screen, where it
says "Stop Static" accordingly the PEI does NOT recognize that Cell phones
are a culprit, only a possible cause; however that Static Electricity is. I ask you to please send this information to ALL your family and friends,
especially those who have kids in the car with them while pumping gas. If
this were to happen to them, they may not be able to get the children out in
time. Thanks for passing this along. Related information on the Vodafone NZ website:
From: Vodafone NZ <> Date: October 17, 2013 8:37:49 AM GMT+13:00 Subject: Vodafone.co.nz There is an issue with your account

We need your help


We need your help resolving an issue with your account.

As a security measure we've temporarily limited what you can do with your account until the issue is resolved. We understand it may be frustrating to have limited access to your Vodafone account and we will work with you to restore full access to your account as quickly as possible.

Visit your Vodafone MyAccount below for more information so we can restore full access to your account right away.

What's the issue?

Because of a recent login to your account, we need additional information to help confirm your identity.

Case ID Number: PP-002-451-425-246

How you can help

It's usually easy to resolve issues like this. Most of the time, we just need a little more information about your account or latest transactions.

Please log in to your account via the link provided to find out what you need to do. You'll also learn what you can and can't do with your account until the issue is resolved. Catherine Donlon Assessment Providers Taranaki (APT) Ltd PO Box 973, New Plymouth Ph/Fax 06 759 1613

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