Whole-home SuperWifi.

Get free SuperWifi (worth $449) on Unlimited Fibre plans from $59 per month when you join us for 24 months. BYO modem.
Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Terms and exit fees apply.


Say goodbye to weak spots and drop-outs, SuperWifi is your wall-to-wall Wifi solution. Get free SuperWifi on any Unlimited Broadband plan when you join us for 24 months.
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What is SuperWifi?

SuperWifi covers your home corner-to-corner, wall-to-wall.

Work, play, watch, or learn from every room with the full power of high speed Wifi 6 mesh technology.

Why choose SuperWifi?

Here are the awesome things we do, just for you.
Wall-to-wall Wifi coverage

Wall-to-wall coverage

SuperWifi uses two mesh units to expand Wifi coverage to every corner.
Learn about mesh Wifi
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It’s simple and easy

Set up SuperWifi using easy to follow instructions on the Deco app.
SuperWifi set up help
Parental control

Powerful parental controls

Take charge of website access and time spent online to keep your littlest family members safer.
About parental control

It’s free!

Stay on any eligible One NZ Broadband plan for 24 months and we’ll cover the cost – valued at $449.

Get your free SuperWifi

Sign up for 24 months on Unlimited Broadband from $59 and get free SuperWifi with BYO modem.
May be withdrawn at any time. Terms & exit fees apply.

How do I get SuperWifi?

SuperWifi is available to our new and existing customers once you’ve activated your eligible plan.
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New to One NZ Broadband?

Join us on an eligible broadband plan, get it activated, and get in touch to connect with SuperWifi.
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SuperWifi for existing One NZ customers

If you have an eligible broadband plan, you can get SuperWifi today.

What you need:
  • Your broadband account number (found on your bill)
  • Your 4-digit security PIN
  • Make sure your broadband service is added to your My One NZ account. [How to add your broadband service ].
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How does SuperWifi work?

Walls, concrete, metal and other household appliances can affect the performance of your Wifi. Like many Kiwi homes, you may find that there are areas where poor coverage or slow speeds take the fun out of online gaming or binge-watching your favourite shows.

SuperWifi overcomes these issues using two mesh Wifi units to create a dedicated network so your household can work, play, watch or learn from every corner of your home.

You can set-up and manage your home network from a super simple app.

Commonly asked questions

Terms and conditions

Fair use terms apply.
  1. Only available in conjunction with one of the following plans:
    • Unlimited Fibre, Fibre Max, HFC, VDSL, ADSL broadband on open or 12 month term; or
    • 5G Unlimited Wireless Broadband, 4G Unlimited Wireless Broadband on 12 month term.
  2. To redeem the offer:
    • Visit our SuperWifi redeem page or call us on 0800 777 044; and
    • Download the TP-link Deco App to activate and use your TP-link Deco Wifi devices (you will require an Android or iOS smartphone for this).
    • The TP-link App is owned by TP Link and any information that you may be required to provide TP-link will not be shared with One NZ.
  3. Maximum one SuperWifi Offer redemption per broadband billing account.
  4. The SuperWifi Offer operates as follows:
    • Includes a twin pack TP-link Deco Wifi devices, which have an RRP of $449.
    • A 24-month contract term applies to SuperWifi Offer (separate from any Broadband term). After redeeming, your next bill will show a “SuperWifi balance” which reduces monthly throughout the 24 month term to a SuperWifi balance of zero. This will appear as a charge and credit on your monthly invoice.
  5. You will be charged the remainder of your SuperWifi balance if (within the 24 months following redemption of the offer) you:
    • Cancel your broadband plan;
    • Transfer or re-sign to an ineligible broadband plan; or
    • Require a change of ownership of your billing account.
  6. SuperWifi coverage can be impacted by network conditions, customer limitations, and environmental factors, including building materials, obstacles, volume and density of traffic, and customer location.
  7. If you do not have full coverage in your home, we'll provide support for up to 30 days to improve your coverage. If, after we've tried to fix it, you do not have full coverage, we will credit $100 to your One NZ broadband account. You must claim this credit within 90 days of redemption.
  8. $100 credit only available to customers using SuperWifi TP-link Deco Wifi devices at a residential premise (for the avoidance of doubt, this does not apply to use at a business premise).
  9. One NZ may amend, extend or withdraw this offer at any time.
  10. General consumer terms and Broadband and Home Phone terms apply.

What is the range of SuperWifi?

Two SuperWifi units are almost always sufficient to provide good coverage for an average kiwi home. For very large homes (e,g, 300-350m² or more) three SuperWifi nodes may be required, and an extra node can be provided at no extra cost.

Will SuperWifi cover the basement or upper storey of my house?

Each unit has a typical range of 10-20m. This can vary if there are significant barriers to wireless transmission e.g. concrete walls or floors, tiled bathrooms, mirrors, or interference from electrical devices.

How should I setup my SuperWifi units?

In most cases, units can be set up with a wireless connection between them. If there are significant barriers to transmission then an ethernet cable between the units will ensure strong coverage.

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Mickey: My name is Mickey Smith. I'm a photographer, and I use the internet to upload photos send files and it's probably the most important communication tool we have.Mickey is sitting in her living room talking.

Mickey is working at a computer in her studio.
Mickey: So by it not working, it just slows everything down.The internet is not properly working for Mickey. She is frustrated.
Mickey's son: The Wifi is average.

Mickey: Laughing
Mickey's son holding up his iPad in various places to try and get better WiFI connection.
Mickey: I would love for the signal to be as strong downstairs as it is upstairs next to the modem.Mickey is sitting in her living room talking.
Mickey: Download the app, turn off your modem, plug in the modem and the Deco and set it up. Sure we can do this.Mickey is holding, plugging in, and then positioning a Deco SuperWifi modem in her living room.
Mickey: OK, this is it, it says I've got four bars.Mickey walks around her living room looking down at her smartphone. Mickey is happy.
Mickey: Normally it takes forever to load, and it's all just full strength which is awesome.Mickey looks down at her smartphone, checking how much WiFi connection she has.
Mickey's son: Oh wow,it actually went straight away.Mickey's son reclines on his bed using at his iPad.
Mickey's son: Mum, this Wifi‚ is so good. It's amazing.Mickey's son looks up from his bed and is happy.
Mickey: Yeah, it's significantly faster.Mickey is working at her computer in her studio. She is happy.
Mickey: It's just snap snap snap. It comes up really quickly.Mickey snaps her fingers while working at her computer.
Mickey: This will change the way I'm able to work. I'm going to get a little teary.Mickey is working at her computer in her studio. She is happy and emotional.
Mickey's son: Mum, it works from outside.Mickey's son uses his iPad while swinging in a outdoor chair in the garden.
Mickey: Yeah, it's working much better, even out here.Mickey is using her smartphone outside on her upstairs balcony.
Mickey: I have three bars. Woohoo!Mickey smiles and laughs while using her smartphone outside on her upstairs balcony.

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