Wireless Broadband | Fix No Internet Issues

This article provides steps to help you troubleshoot issues when your Wireless Broadband modem can't connect to the internet via our 4G mobile network.

Before you begin

If it is just your WiFi connection that's not working, see these WiFi troubleshooting tips .


  1. Check our Outages page to see if that's affecting your connection
  2. Check that you've paid your bill

    For your services to keep running smoothly, ensure your account payments are up to date

  3. Check that the power on your modem is on, If not, turn it on

    Check your modem device guide  for further help with your modem

  4. Check you are in coverage

    You will need to be in an area which has the appropriate coverage to access the internet, check that you are in coverage

  5. Check if you have available data (unless you are on an unlimited plan)

    You will need data available on your plan to access the internet, check your usage to see if you have data available

  6. Log into your modem's web management page - to check the network status
  7. If no SIM card is detected, power off the modem, reinstall the SIM card and try again
  8. If no network is available, please check on the placement of the modem - high up and near a window is ideal.

What to do if that didn't work

If it's none of these things, best to give us a call so we can run through other checks on 0800 800 966 .

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