TXT alerts about a missed call

This article is about whoCalled, a free service already active on your mobile. If you miss a call while your mobile is turned off or outside our coverage area, you'll receive a free whoCalled TXT with the caller's number as soon as your phone is back in range.

Your whoCalled TXT will display the following:

"Hi. This text is just letting you know that you have missed a call from +64xxxxxxxxx, at xx:xx on [date]."

A separate whoCalled TXT is sent for each different caller. Each TXT will detail the number of times a caller attempted to call.

Steps to switch whoCalled on or off

  1. Freecall 707
  2. Select 3
  3. Select 4. Follow the prompts

Things to know about whoCalled

You need to have voicemail  enabled to receive the whoCalled TXTs.

WhoCalled will work while roaming overseas, however the callerID function may not display your caller's name if a +64 has not been added at the start of a contact number.

The following types of calls will not generate a whoCalled TXT:

  • When you have blocked your number
  • Overseas calls where the calling number has not been forwarded
  • Where '00000' has been added
  • Special numbers such as 0900 numbers
  • You have messagePage active on your service.
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