Prepay | Activate a Prepay SIM

This article contains steps on how to activate a One NZ Prepay SIM through your mobile handset or by calling 777.

Before you begin.

  • The SIM card must be inserted into the mobile phone being used to activate it.
  • To activate your Travel SIM, you have to call 777.


Through you Mobile Phone

  1. Ensure you are within mobile coverage
  2. Insert your Prepay SIM card
    You'll receive a Welcome TXT message with instructions on how to activate your SIM
  3. Go to
    The Get started on One NZ Prepay screen appears
    • Note: You can do this on your phone, tablet or computer
  4. Enter the Prepay mobile number
    Mobile number field confirmation code will be sent to
  5. Tap Next
    A confirmation code is sent to the mobile number
    Grey next button to proceed to next step
  6. Enter the confirmation code
    The Get started in 3 easy steps screen appears
    Confirmation code field with no digits entered
  7. Tap Lets go!
    The MyFlex plan selection screen appears
    Green button with white Lets go text
  8. Configure your plan as required
  9. Tap Select this plan
    The Happy with your MyFlex plan? popup appears
    Green button with white select this plan text
  10. Tap Continue
    The Top up screen appears
    Green button with white continue text
  11. Top up your mobile
    Your Prepay SIM and plan are now active

By calling 777

  1. Insert your Prepay SIM into your mobile
  2. Check to ensure you are in mobile coverage
  3. Call 777
  4. Follow the voice prompts that will guide through activating your SIM

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