Caller ID for mobile and Wireless Broadband phones

You can prevent your name or number being shown when you call another mobile. Some mobiles let you turn off Caller ID permanently, others for the next call only.

Please note:

  • Many people are used to seeing who's calling and may decide not to answer a "Restricted" number.
  • Your Caller ID will always appear on TXTs you send, and calls to emergency services, our customer service and some directory and assisted-call services regardless of whether your Caller ID is turned off or not.

3 ways to block or unblock your mobile number

1. Disable your outbound identification on your device

Look for something like "Hide name" under your "Settings" or "Profiles" menu, or see your User Manual or our Device Guides  for instructions.

2. Request permanent Caller ID Restriction

Call us on 777 free from your mobile. Please note this is not available for Prepay customers.

3. Stay private for a particular call?

Dial #31# and then the number you're dialing (for example #31# 021 234 567). This suppresses your Caller ID for that call, and then returns to normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Caller ID not Working?
Some phones are able to turn Caller ID on and off. The phone may currently have this feature deactivated. Check your phone user guide to ensure the feature is turned on.

Can I remove the permanent restriction at a later date?
I've diverted my mobile to another number on your network. Will I still see the caller's number?
Possibly, depending on the phone model. If this feature is working, the phone will show "diverted from..." or an arrow symbol next to the caller's number.

What displays when I receive a call from another Mobile on your network?
Generally the number will be in international format with 00 instead of +. i.e. 006421700700 is the Caller ID format for our voice mail system. Sometimes the number will be in national format i.e. 021700700. All incoming international calls are automatically Caller ID restricted and generally '000000' will be displayed.

Can I get the caller's name displayed on my mobile?
Most mobiles on our network have the ability to display the caller's name if the name and number is programmed into the phone as a contact.

Will all phones including Spark landlines display my number?
All Caller ID capable phones will display the number unless it is restricted. Numbers will still be displayed for emergency and some other services like Directory Assistance.

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